Will the McGuinty Government Restore as a Full-Time Position the Vital Post of Assistant Deputy Minister of Government Services for Accessibility?

Last year, to its credit, the McGuinty Government created the new full-time position of Assistant Deputy Minister of Government Services for Accessibility. That person has lead responsibility for making the Ontario Public Service fully accessible. This includes making the Ontario Government a barrier-free workplace, as well as removing and preventing barriers that persons with disabilities face when using Ontario Government services and facilities.

When the first person to occupy this important job recently announced that he was moving on to another job, the Government, to our dismay, did not fill this full-time vacancy. Instead, it piled these full-time duties on the plate of another Assistant Deputy Minister who already has a full-time job. We have been told that the Government has not decided if it will restore this full-time accessibility position, or when a decision will be made.