Violation of Ontario Human RIGHTS!

June 27, 2021

Ontario Human Rights Commission:

After extensive research I am learning that Ontario young adults between 20 and 64 are being denied OHIP funded services at our private Physiotherapy Clinics for the following Groups of People:

  • Stroke Survivors
  • People with spinal chord injuries and
  • Covid-19 Long haulers

Clearly this is a major violation of basic human rights in Ontario. I know that your Organization deals with human rights policies in Ontario.

Such services are being denied because there are no OHIP billing codes for this age group(20-64).

Please write to Ontario Health and OHIP and request that they create the necessary billing codes for Ontarians between ages 20 and 64.

This blatant example of human rights violations needs to stop.

I need your help as I am prohibited from filing a complaint of age discrimination against the Ontario government with the Human Rights Tribunal due to a previous complaint in 2016, resolved through Mediation.

Thank you in advance for helping and I look forward to your earliest email response.

Most Kindly,

Jim McEwen, President, Durham Region Stroke Recovery Group