The Real Life of British Columbians With Disabilities

Paul Caune, Executive Director, Civil Rights Now!

In his delightful book Bad Medicine: Doctors Doing Harm Since Hippocrates David Wotton demonstrated that for 2,000 years doctors trained in a tradition starting in Ancient Greece  not only caused more harm than good to their patients, but seemed unaware that they were doing more harm than good. For 2,000 years the only therapy Western doctors gave patients was to bleed them or give them drugs that made them puke or gave them diarrhea. It was only with the discovery of the infection process and the wide-spread acceptance of this discovery by Western doctors early in the twentieth century that doctors starting saving more lives then ending them. This, in combination with the wide-spread distribution by the welfare state of vaccination, clean water, sanitation, and better housing effectively ended in the developed world diseases that killed 30 to 50% of all humans before the age of six, or disabled untold millions of them, since time immemorial.