Support Person Transit Passes Almost Ready to Go Out

The passes will allow those travelling with a paratransit user to ride the bus for free Amanda Rabski-McColl, LJI Reporter
October 18, 2023

During the city’s Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee(MAAC) meeting today (Oct. 18), Timmins Transit manager Marcel Côté reported that the support person cards have been delivered and will be sent to paratransit users soon.

“The cards are done, they’re on my desk. We just need to draft the letters and send them out with the cards to the various associations,” said Côté.

The support person transit passes will allow those travelling with a paratransit user to ride the bus for free.

People who have already qualified for the service will not have to reapply to receive the support person card, and they will be sent out to paratransit users.

While a date for the distribution has not been set, Côté said it will happen soon.

Timmins Transit needs to be in contact with agencies who serve those with disabilities to make sure all the bases are covered, Coun. Bill Gvozdanovic said during the meeting.

“As opposed to everyone going to transit to get the card, these organizations would be able to provide you with a list,” said Gvozdanovic.

The committee is compiling a list of agencies and organizations for Timmins Transit to contact regarding the program.

While the committee had also discussed the possibility of adding braille to the card at its August meeting, none of the vendors knew of a way to provide that option.

The cards are made of a material that gives them a different feel from other cards vision-impaired users might be carrying.

“As a blind person, I have no other card like this in my position,” said Dan McKay, the MAAC chair. “Because of the texture of the card, I would feel like it would have no need to have braille on it, anyway.”

Timmins Transit currently has six paratransit buses, with two running daily.

“There’s a need, and it’s going to happen,” said McKay.

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