Parking Punishes Handicapped

Updated February 15, 2011

My wife and I have had to make several trips to the new hospital in North Bay.

On our first trip we could not find a handicapped parking spot in the designated area, and on only one occasion have we been able to park in the proper
designated handicapped zone.

Even though there appears to be more handicapped spaces, they are always full. When I asked about parking costs I was told that starting March 1 you will
need a ticket to enter the parking lot, then take that ticket into the hospital with you and have it punched just before you leave the hospital.

You pay the amount then insert your ticket to be able to leave the parking lot. Handicapped persons will now have to pay for parking.  

Already I have seen handicapped people having to park at the back end of the parking lot and having to push  walkers and wheelchairs through the snow to
enter the hospital.

I am fortunate I only need a cane. But if this sort of situation continues, there will be road rage right in the hospital parking lot.

If the board of directors won’t take handicapped patients into account then why are they catering to the smokers?

If they need the money so bad then why don’t they charge the smokers two dollars per cigarette to use the smoking room.

It seems absurd to me to cater to smokers when a hospital is supposed to heal patients, and creates real problems for the handicapped people to be able
to get into the hospital. 

Lorne Simpson

North Bay

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