New Universal Accessibility Logo Unveiled for Collingwood

Logo will appear on the town’s website, as well as in some public spaces, to highlight conversations around accessibility Jessica Owen
Feb. 9, 2023

When the new wheelchair-accessible mats are rolled out at Sunset Point this summer, a new logo for accessibility will adorn the signage alongside them.

Presented to the corporate and community services committee meeting on Feb. 6, a new Universal Accessibility Icon design was unveiled, designed by Collingwood’s Accessibility Advisory Committee. The logo was created to encourage more inclusivity for those living with a disability. The project was undertaken based on a suggestion made at the committee level, following conversations about the existing Ontario-wide logo.

“We interpreted it as, people with wheelchairs are the only ones with disabilities,” Kathryn Bloomfield, vice chair of the accessibility advisory committee, told CollingwoodToday. “We wanted to get away from that.”

“Everyone was very supportive of the idea,” she said.

Collingwood’s accessibility advisory committee worked together to come up with the new logo. The ‘C’ stands for Collingwood and community, while the ‘A’ represents accessibility, access, action and aspiration.

The logo will appear on the town’s website, as well as in some public spaces, to highlight conversations around accessibility.

According to Easter Seals Canada, more than 6.2 million Canadians –
almost 22 per cent of the population in the country – aged 15 years and over are living with some form of disability that affects their level of freedom, independence or quality of life.

Jennifer Parker, co-ordinator of community well-being and inclusion with the town, said multiple groups and a consultant were included in discussions on the logo change.

“We heard from a lot of different groups and their perspectives on maybe not feeling included within what is identified as this universal symbol,” said Parker.

The new logo will be implemented on the town’s website and in local spaces throughout the year.

“Today is day one,” said Parker.

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