McGuinty ‘Kicks the Crutch Out’

Re: Special diet allowance

It seems to me and many other disabled Ontarians that the Dalton McGuinty government wants to play Scrooge and is willing to kick the crutch out from under Tiny Tim. I am referring to the Liberals’ new policy regarding the Special Diet Allowance.

The McGuinty government, in its infinite indifference and disregard, has thought that the best way to deal with abuse of the SDA was to simply cut back
or cut off this funding to the disabled people who desperately rely on it to provide the proper nutrition required for life.

For example, the average diabetic couple that would have received around $200 per month in SDA funding before the changes will now only receive about $160 per month. This at a time when sugar substitutes and produce prices are constantly rising, and the small amount of funding is crucial for a family dependant on a disability pension.

How unfair and unethical can McGuinty and the Liberals be that to save a few dollars they would attack disabled people instead of taxing the rich individuals and corporations in Ontario, who have received massive tax breaks from this government. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I used to be a staunch Liberal but after witnessing the debacle of this government over the last few years — the HST, the continual decline of our health
care, education and social service infrastructure — I now feel embarrassed to admit that I ever voted for McGuinty and his Liberals.

Certainly I will not make that mistake ever again and I encourage all Ontarians to do the same and vote the Liberals out of office at the next election.

Mike Girdlestone, Hamilton

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