Leader Patrick Brown Urges the Premier to Properly Fund Mental Health

Contributed by admin on Mar 07, 2016 – 10:14 PM

QUEEN’S PARK After touring the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center (ROMHC) this past weekend, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown used Question Period to ask the Acting Premier and her Liberal Government to make mental health care a priority.

“The truth is that mental health care facilities in Ontario need this government’s help. The geriatric hospital wing at the Royal has a three month waiting list,” said Leader Patrick Brown. “And children suffering can be faced with wait times longer than a year to get the treatment they need from the Royal.”

Mental illness affects one in three people during their lifetime, and one-third of hospitalizations are caused by mental illness. Approximately 70 per cent of mental health issues emerge during teenage years.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health. But this Premier doesn’t seem recognize how cruel it is to encourage those suffering from mental illness to seek treatment and then cut the very services they need,” added Leader Patrick Brown. “Just last year, this government cut 18 jobs at the Royal. They have ignored many of the Select Committee on Mental Health’s recommendations for years!”

It’s not just the ROMHC in Ottawa; mental health facilities from across the province are being forced to cut staff due to inadequate funding. Ontario Shores in Whitby was forced to cut 21 staff positions in November 2015, and 31 full-time positions in November 2013.

“Why do the Liberals refuse to properly fund our mental health care centres?”

QUEEN’S PARK This morning Ontario PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek (MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London) questioned the Liberal government on the impact of rationing health care on mental health patients.

“Minister, your government’s rationing of healthcare has created a crisis in Ontario. Last week in London, 22 mental health patients were left waiting for beds. They were placed in a classroom because there was no space,” stated MPP Yurek. “Guelph’s emergency room was shut down when 11 mental health patients required inpatient admission but the hospital had nowhere to put them. Minister, mental health patients deserve the same care as physical health patients.

Over the weekend, an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s spent eight nights sleeping on Victoria Hospital floor in restraints.

“The health care system is being rationed because of the government’s financial mismanagement. We’ve seen over $2 billion wasted on e-health, $26.9 million on the diabetes registry, and billions more on orange,” continued MPP Yurek.

“Imagine what investments the government could have made in mental health services with the money they have wasted. Our most vulnerable will continue to fall through the cracks if the Liberal Government continues to ration health care.” concluded Yurek.

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