Important Information About the Schedule 1 Lawsuit, Clegg v. Ontario

This lawsuit is about twelve places where people with disabilities lived. The government of Ontario was in charge of these places. The lawsuit says the government did not protect people who lived at these places.

You can find a list of the twelve places and more information about the lawsuit at:

Lawyers for people who lived at these places have talked to the government. They made an agreement to end the lawsuit without a trial. This agreement is called a settlement.

On April 25th, 2016, at 10 in the morning, the Court will decide if the settlement is fair and reasonable. You can go to Court on April 25.

On that date, lawyers will tell the judge why they think he should approve the settlement. If you do not think the settlement is fair, you may also be able to speak to the Court on that day.

How to get to Court

The Court building is at 330 University Avenue. This is on the West side of University Avenue, just North of Queen Street. The judge will be in Courtroom 5-0 on the Fifth Floor.

The closest subway stop is Osgoode station. The elevator at Osgoode Station lets you out at the concourse to the Four Seasons.

The front door on University Avenue is not wheelchair accessible. The accessible door is at the back, off the walkway that is a continuation of Simcoe Street. Please allow extra time there. You will need to press a buzzer to call an attendant to operate the stair lift.

If you have questions about accessibility at the Court, you can call the Accessibility Coordinator at 416-327-6709.

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