City Staff Awarded for Lending a Hand

• May 31, 2011 – 9:14 PM

Five City of Mississauga staff members have received awards for providing outstanding customer service when it comes to accessibility.

The winners of the 2011 Exceptional Accessible Customer Service Awards are: Marie Gibson, a customer service clerk at the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre;
Ernesto Acuna, a mechanic with Fire Services; Michelle Kitunen and Norda Morales, clerks at the Civic Centre Information Desk and 311 Call Centre; and
Sue Hinton, an event coordinator with the Revenue Division.

The awards were presented today at Mississauga Valley Community Centre as part of National Access Awareness Week.

Gibson was recognized for her work, the personal service she provides and having “the patience of a saint.” She works with one member of the centre in
particular who has a learning disability and mobility issues. Gibson often helps him make phone calls and appointments.

Acuna was lauded for helping a man who has trouble walking. He found an old scooter by the trash one day, so he decided to fix it up, paying for parts
with his own money, and gave it to the man.

Kitunen was recognized for, among other deeds, helping a woman with hearing and speech disabilities who had come to the information desk. Kitunen took
the time to properly understand the woman, gather the information she needed and arrange to have the required documents mailed to her.

Morales was recognized for helping an elderly woman whose motorized scooter ran out of gas. Morales, on her break at the time, helped the woman inside
the Civic Centre and called her husband. She also waited with the woman through the rest of her break until her husband arrived.

Morales was also instrumental in having the courtesy phone at the Civic Centre’s information desk moved so it is now wheelchair accessible.

Hinton, described as “positive, motivated and friendly,” was lauded for her work ensuring public meetings on what to do with the Ontario Power Generation
site in Lakeview were accessible for those in wheelchairs. She was also recognized for her attention to small details, like making sure a microphone system was available for a person with a weak voice who had to make a presentation and booking sign language interpreters for events.

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