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Waterloo’s Free Rides to Vaccine Clinics Are Not Wheelchair-Accessible

The usefulness of an offer by the City of Waterloo to take people with disabilities and older adults to vaccination appointments is being questioned, because the transportation being used is not wheelchair accessible.


New National Partnership Focuses on Improving Accessibility on The Great Trail of Canada

Canadian Paralympians and Para athletes join AccessNow and Trans Canada Trail to provide valuable accessibility feedback on trails across Canada


Ice Now Open in Parkdale, at Alberta’s First Accessible Outdoor Rink

Phase 1 of construction has officially been completed on the Parkdale Community Rink & Hub, which means accessible and inclusive ice is now open for skaters and sledge hockey players.


Disability Advocates Want Windsor Homeowners to Shovel Their Sidewalks, Consider Others

Having been stuck in the snow before, McPhee said she’s often discouraged from heading out in the winter to walk her dog or do other activities alone, out of concern that she might find herself in the “humiliating” situation again.


Canada and Ontario Invest in Accessible Public Transit Infrastructure for Residents of Peel Region

The safety and well-being of Canadians are top priorities of the governments of Canada and Ontario. Investments in Ontario’s infrastructure during this extraordinary time provides an opportunity to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and to make our communities more inclusive and resilient.


Access to Hope: How a Woman on Wheelchair is Making Mumbai Accessible, One Footpath at a Time

Jasmina Khanna, who lives with cerebral palsy, has launched an initiative to make Mumbai more inclusive for all by making footpaths more accesible with the help of her NGO ‘Access to Hope’.
Last Updated: January 10, 2021
Author: Rakhi Bose

Mumbai resident Jasmina Khanna, 49, loves enjoying her evenings outside under the fading sun. The passing day brings with it a sense of calm and restfulness that she can seldom feel in the day. But unlike most others, Jasmina cannot go to a park or her favourite sunset spots in the city to enjoy her evenings. On most days, she has to make do with the balconies or windows of her office or home.

US Government Wants To Make Rental Cars More Accessible for Those With Disabilities

NHTSA believes its proposed rule will make life a lot easier for people with disabilities, especially those using a wheelchair. Sean Szymkowski
Dec. 29, 2020

Hand controls and dedicated wheelchair transporters could be game changers when renting a vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Monday proposed a new rule that should make mobility far more accessible to those living with disabilities, especially those using a wheelchair. The government agency will move to allow rental-car companies to install hand controls and equip vehicles with rear-mounted transporters for wheelchairs or scooters — essential to so many American drivers.

Campaigner’s Research Shows Rail Access Information Is Often ‘Wildly Inaccurate’

Information used by disabled passengers to check if a rail station is accessible is frequently “wildly inaccurate”, and often leads them to book travel to and from stations they cannot access, according to new research.


The FuelService App: Solving Driver’s with Disabilities Major Problem of Getting Gas

The age-old problem, for drivers with disabilities, of having to find assistance to get Full Service at a Self-Serve gas stations has finally been solved.


Calgary Accessibility Advocate Reminds People to Clear Snow and Ice From Sidewalks

Anyone who has been outside in Calgary since the snow started falling on Monday evening knows it’s difficult to get around whether it’s vehicles slipping and sliding on roads or people trudging through heavy snow on walkways.