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Disabled Fans Decry No-Show Accessible Festival Toilets

What’s on your UK summer festival season checklist? Probably a mix of top bands, warm hazy days with friends and answered prayers for at least a little sun (as well as a sturdy tent).

But for many disabled festival-goers, simply knowing whether they’ll be able to access the toilet can often top the bill before any headline act.


Montreal’s REM Train Network Not as Accessible as Promised,Advocates Say

It’s a simple elevator ride up to the tracks at the newly-built REM stations, but if the elevator isn’t working, those with mobility issues are out of luck.


The Wheelie Peeps: Disability Advocates Protest Illegal Use of Accessible Parking

The Wheelie Peeps, disability advocates who were featured in the docuseries PUSH, hosted a peaceful protest in Edmonton on Tuesday to bring awareness and call for municipal authorities to do more when it comes to enforcing who is allowed to park in accessible parking spots.


Paralympian Sophie Christiansen Hits Out at Retailers Over Access

Sophie Christiansen, who has cerebral palsy, said “nothing has changed” since she recorded a video of her trying enter shops in Farnborough, Hampshire, in 2021.


Coquitlam Mayor Steps In After Elderly Man in Wheelchair Waits Hours for Taxi

“Despite booking it, and despite promises, the cab never showed up. And it’s simply a reality we deal with all too often with this taxi company,” said Mayor Richard Stewart, who has gotten involved in the past when Bel Air didn’t pick up passengers in wheelchairs.


City’s Speed Humps Hit a Bump with Disability Advocates

Author of the article:Taylor Campbell
Published Aug 10, 2023

Windsor disability advocates sounded alarm bells this week over a traffic calming measure they say could make it hard and even dangerous for some residents to get around.

Danica McPhee, a member of the Windsor Accessibility Advisory Committee, on Tuesday warned city council that adding speed humps to streets without sidewalks poses a risk to residents with mobility challenges, herself included.

During the meeting, council was asked to approve speed humps on three streets, all without sidewalks, at the request of residents looking to slow down traffic.

Sun, Sand and Accessibility: Area Beach Town Adds Floating Wheelchairs

Author of the article:Calvi Leon
Published Aug 05, 2023

Southwestern Ontario is home to some of the province’s best beaches, but not all are accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Goderich, a popular beach town on the shores of Lake Huron, has found a solution: a floating beach wheelchair for people with limited mobility.

It’s called the Mobi-chair, used with a Mobi-mat, which can be rolled out across the sand, and will be available to beachgoers through an online booking system beginning Aug. 21.

“We want to provide top-notch accessibility in the town of Goderich everywhere,” said Trevor Bazinet, the town’s deputy mayor and chair of the accessibility advisory committee.

United Airlines Pioneers Accessibility with Braille Introduction in Aircraft Interiors

United Airlines has made a significant stride in enhancing the accessibility of air travel for passengers with visual disabilities, becoming the first U.S. airline to incorporate Braille into its aircraft interiors. This initiative aims to help millions of visually impaired travelers navigate the cabin independently.


Transportation Department Announces New Airplane Bathroom Accessibility Rule

As part of the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the DOT now requires airlines to make lavatories on new single-aisle aircraft large enough to permit a passenger with a disability and attendant, both equivalent in size to a 95th percentile male.


We Can’t Afford To Not Make Our Cities More Accessible For People With Disabilities

ADA compliance and design for inclusion are an economic engine. Instead of trying to dismantle or ignore it, let’s recognize its potential to enrich our cities and their residents.