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City Launches New Resources at City Facilities for Hearing-Impaired Community-St. Catharines

Posted on Monday, March 06, 2023

A pilot program was launched today at City recreational facilities and parks to improve communication resources for the hearing-impaired community.

New signage depicting the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet and common language and phrases is being installed at the entrances of select City recreational
facilities and parks to improve communication between deaf and hearing residents in public spaces.

Avril Hertneky, a hearing-impaired resident, first approached City staff with her ideas and worked closely with City staff to find solutions.

“This initiative aligns with the Accessibility Advisory Committee’s goal to promote a barrier-free and inclusive environment for all, and the Recreation
Master Plan’s goal to make St. Catharines the city where everybody can play,” said Eric Lamothe, manager-of-business-planning-and-strategic-services for
the City. “We hope that other municipalities will follow our lead and install similar signage in their recreation facilities and parks.”

Disability Accessibility Should Not Be An Afterthought In 2023

If you went online after the 2023 Super Bowl, chances are that you encountered the viral praise of the deaf American Sign Language (ASL) performer who made it possible for the deaf community to enjoy the halftime performance.


2022 Hearing Aid Survey – Aging In

Today’s hearing aids are more discreet and technologically advanced than ever, especially considering the original hearing aid was the ear trumpet, a horn held to the ear for people to speak into.


When Deaf Couple Comes For Dinner, Restaurant Proves “Accessibility Is Hospitality”

When you live with a physical difference like hearing loss, you become used to making your own accommodations ahead of time to ensure a good experience.


Medical Bills Remain Inaccessible for Many Visually Impaired Americans

A Missouri man who is deaf and blind said a medical bill he didn’t know existed was sent to debt collections, triggering an 11% rise in his home insurance premiums.


Deaf, Hard of Hearing Individuals May Face Barriers at the Polls

Prepared poll workers can help make voting a positive experience for deaf and hard of hearing voters, said an expert from the Harkin Institute.


Deaf Fan Denied Captioning Accommodation at Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

Just For Laughs apologizes, refunds ticket and hotel costs
CBC News
Posted: Jul 22, 2022

A deaf man from New York says Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival denied his request for accommodation despite asking for live captioning three months in advance.

Tom Willard, who is a stand-up comedian himself, planned to attend the festival for the first time, buying his ticket and booking his hotel, but without the captioning service, he was forced to cancel.

Just For Laughs says logistical and technical issues are to blame, but Willard said the technology is readily available and it’s time for the annual comedy festival to join the modern era.

Regina Folk Festival Piloting Accessibility Project Using Hearing Loop

The Regina Folk Festival (RFF) is piloting a project at this year’s event with the aim of improving accessibility for the hearing impaired at future shows with the use of a Hearing Loop.


How This Teacher Who Reads Lips has Navigated Mask Mandates

Masks made return to classroom impossible for Amy Nicholas, who is hard of hearing Anchal Sharma, CBC News
Posted: Mar 17, 2022

Grade 3 students share what they enjoy about Ms. Nicholas’s virtual class and describe what it was like to find out that she uses a hearing aid.

Amy Nicholas knew she wanted to teach ever since she was a little girl, so she couldn’t wait to start her career when she graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2019.

But just six months into her first teaching job with the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB), the pandemic hit.

And though it changed life for just about everybody, it’s been particularly challenging for Nicholas, who is hard of hearing and reads lips to communicate.

What It’s Like to Be a Deaf Teenager During a Pandemic

Consortium Centre Jules-L├ęger teaches students from kindergarten to high school who are deaf, blind, deafblind, as well as those with learning disabilities. Because it is the only school in Canada outside Quebec that teaches students in French and using Quebec Sign Language (LSQ), many students live on campus.