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Popular East-End Barrie Park Getting Modern, Accessible Facelift

City expects majority of the work to be completed at St. Vincent Park before end of the year, with space ready for public use by spring 2023 Nikki Cole

A popular wooden Barrie playground is being replaced in favour of a more modern – and accessible – play structure.

Visitors to St. Vincent Park, which is tucked between Blake Street and Kempenfelt Drive at the south end of St. Vincent Street, have long enjoyed one of the city’s few remaining wooden play structures, but safety and a lack of accessibility has led to its replacement, construction of which is already underway.

Incentives for Housing Accessibility

Currently, there are no AODA standards that require houses and apartments to be accessible. Most housing developers do not think about the needs of people with disabilities when they build living spaces. Instead, they assume that everyone living in the spaces they design can use features like stairs and narrow doorways. As a result, there is a shortage of accessible housing. Therefore, Onley’s review recommends that the government should create an AODA standard for housing. In addition, the review recommends that the government create incentives for housing accessibility.