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In Memory of OPSEU/SEFPO Activist John Rae

John was totally blind most of his life and lobbied on eliminating existing barriers with an overarching goal of creating a fully accessible inclusive society where those with disabilities could participate with dignity both within their workplace and the broader society or and in their communities.


Litigation Against New York State Board of Elections Resolved

New York to Create Statewide Accessible Absentee Ballot Program

“We will continue to fight for the fundamental right of people with disabilities to vote privately and independently,” said Christina Brandt-Young, Supervising Attorney at Disability Rights Advocates.


Accessible Science: Chemistry 101

Often in photos there is a phenomenon known as red eye, which is where the flash is reflected off the retina and the camera picks this up. But there is also what’s known as white eye, and it can show up long before a diagnoses of an eye problem. Noah’s cancer was spotted at four months, but reviewing baby pictures Shaw spotted the white eye in photos taken when his son was just twelve days old.


Technology Can’t Solve the Problems Ableism Creates

“Did you read that story in the Stanford Report about the affordable “smart cane” that uses robotics? Wasn’t it cool?”

Whenever articles about disability technology come out, I’m asked for my thoughts and feelings on the innovation at hand. People expect me, a blind person, to share their excitement. Most find my frustration and lack of enthusiasm perplexing. They don’t understand that, in the midst of the excitement that comes with applying technology to the disability community, the true harm, ableism, is often overlooked.


City Adds Wayfinding App to Increase Accessibility for Visually Impaired

Sault Transit buses are now equipped with an accessible navigation and wayfinding system that will help the visually impaired.

BlindSquare is a software that uses GPS technology to estimate the proximity of bus stops, when passengers will arrive at each stop and can audibly identify bus stops.


Talking Labels Aid the Blind with Prescriptions

As some people age, they may have trouble reading prescription labels, knowing what dose to take and identifying proper pills.

Mistakes can have life-threatening consequences. The challenge is exacerbated for folks who don’t see well or have a severe visual impairment though some blind people have learned to figure out which pill is which by feeling its shape or texture.


AudioEye’s Customer Sued By San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind for Web Accessibility Failures

Despite working for a long time with AudioEye for website remediation, ADP, the human resources management software and resources giant, was sued due to consistent failures in AudioEye services and products to be used by blind people.


E-scooter Safety Upgrades Still Not Enough, Say Accessibility Advocates

New noises, better technology won’t fix bad rider behaviour, critics say


Throne Speech Leaves Blind Canadians Behind Again

While the members of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians / l’Alliance pour l’Ãgalité des Personnes Aveugles du Canada (AEBC) support such issues as continuing to fight the pandemic, amendment of the Broadcasting Act, dealing with the climate emergency and giving greater priority to reconciliation for all indigenous peoples, we were dismayed that the 22% of Canadians who are blind or otherwise disabled received so little attention in today’s Speech From the Throne,” said Marcia Yale, National President of the AEBC.


How the Netherlands’ Train System Works for the Visually Impaired

From apps that read what’s on the signs to staff who meet you at the door, the country has built one of the world’s most accessible railway networks.