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White Cane Week

This week is White Cane Week!

White Cane Week, celebrated across Canada in the first full week of February every year, raises awareness about how blind people travel and make a difference in their communities. In 2019, White Cane Week takes place from Sunday, February 3rd to Saturday, February 9th.


Accessibility at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan

Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. As usual, the Paralympics will follow. It is expected that forty million people will travel to Japan to watch the Olympics and Paralympics. As a result, Japan is examining accessibility at the 2020 Summer Olympics. While Japan is accessible in some places already, the country will be making improvements between now and 2020. The goal is to ensure accessibility for everybody at the 2020 Summer Olympics so that athletes and fans of all abilities can enjoy the Games without facing barriers.


Councillors to Review LTC Discount Fares

The City of London may change the longstanding way residents could qualify for discounted bus passes.

A new report headed to the Community and Protective Services Committee next week suggests the discounts should be based on financial need, and those adults who receive it would be living below the “low income cut-off measure.”


Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech Offers 1.8 Million Ontarians with Disabilities Nothing new

“This Throne Speech is called “A Balanced Plan to Build Ontario Up for Everyone,” but nothing in it ensures that 1.8 million Ontarians with disabilities will be treated as part of ‘everyone’,” said David Lepofsky, chair of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance which spearheads the non-partisan campaign for accessibility in Ontario, and who was at Queen’s Park for the Throne Speech.


Insights: Ontario Launches Workplace Accessibility Compliance Audits

AMI Accessible Media Inc interviews a Government spokesperson and Geof Collis regarding the recent Government Audit initiative.

Hear the full interview at

The Three Access Worlds of Gulliver

By Victor Schwartzman

Creating a Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA) is a great idea because it would mean a FEDERAL access law with TEETH. Currently we are in the middle of a federal election campaign. Millions of voters have a disability and need an effective access law. You’d think the Parties would be lining up to announce their versions of a CDA! Think again. None of the Leaders will fully commit to a CDA.