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Please Send Us Your Feedback on the AODA Alliance’s Draft Brief to the Health Care Standards Development Committee on the Disability Barriers in Ontario’s Health Care System

We’ve been busy as can be, writing a brief that we plan to submit by August 11, 2021 to the Health Care Standards Development Committee. The Ontario Government appointed that Committee back in 2017 to come up with recommendations on what the promised Health Care Accessibility Standard should include. The Health Care Accessibility Standard is a law that is to be enacted under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to tear down the barriers that obstruct people with disabilities in Ontario’s health care system.


Attend CNIB’s July 27, 2021 Virtual Town Hall on Dangers that Electric Scooters Pose for People with Disabilities if London Ontario Allows Them

and— Please Fill Out an Important Online Survey About Disability Barriers in Ontario’s Courts


Report: Nova Scotia Failing to Meet Its Commitment to De-Institutionalize People With Disabilities

A report issued yesterday by the Disability Rights Coalition says there remains “a mismatch” between government rhetoric on providing services to disabled adults and the frustrating reality faced by many families.


Supporting an ‘Active’ Recovery Means Improving the Accessibility of Outdoor Spaces

The government’s investment in active transportation should benefit rural, accessible outdoor spaces


Montreal Advocates Call for Better Accessibility

Pontini pointed out that the problem of accessibility for people with reduced mobility in the city is nothing new and that for years they’ve been demanding improved access. According to her, more businesses and building owners could easily make the accommodations more effective by consulting experts – the people who need to services.


Woman With Disabilities Wants Change to Province’s Household Income Policy

Saint John resident Kaitlyn Layden has been advocating for the revision of Social Development’s household income policy for years. She says the policy forces her to choose between getting married and moving in with her fiance or having financial stability with the department’s support.


Return to the Workplace Highlights Accessibility Concerns for Disabled Employees

Marcie Roth, executive director and chief executive officer of the World Institute on Disability, hopes the accommodations that have been made for all workers during the pandemic continue as the world goes back to normal.


People With Learning Disabilities ‘Extremely Vulnerable’ to the Effects of COVID-19

People with learning disabilities with covid-19 are five times more likely to be admitted to hospital and eight times more likely to die compared with the general population of England, finds a study published by The BMJ today.


I Am Trying and Struggling: Lack of Accessible, Affordable Units Leaves Kitchener Man Stranded

Ronald Hoppe said shock turned to anger when he found out he would be waiting years on Waterloo region’s affordable housing list before he would be able to get a unit that was accessible.


New Program Helps People With Autism Overcome Barriers in Accessing COVID-19 Vaccines

By Maria Sarrouh
Toronto Star
Thursday, July 8, 2021

The noise, bright lights, winding lines and moving parts of mass immunization sites may be anxiety-inducing for plenty of people. But for some individuals with autism and others who have sensory issues, the experience can be entirely overwhelming.

Among the “unmet needs” still hindering people with autism from receiving their first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is the possibility of experiencing sensory overload at vaccine clinics, said Anne Borden King. She’s a spokesperson and board member for Autistics for Autistics Ontario (A4A), a collective of adults with autism advocating for reform to autism funding and services, provincially and federally.