Age Discriminatory Policies in Ontario Stroke Treatment!

Note: The below letter was authorized by Jim McEwen

Ontario Human Rights Commission:

In 2015 at age 60 I filed a complaint of age discrimination against the Ontario government over their decision to deny me more stroke treatment on the basis of age. My complaint was heard before the Human Rights TribunalOntario(HRTO) in 2016.

After my session of Mediation the Wynne Government still refused to eliminate these age discrimatory policies against young adult stroke survivors in Ontario.

It is interesting to note that the Wynne Government approved Motions and bills in the Ontario Legislature to eliminate these age discrimatory policies during its tenure and then refused to take action.

It is now very clear that this problem cannot be resolved before the HRTO. This is a policy issue requiring intervention by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

We request that the OHRC undertake an investigation into this matter with the goal of directing the Ontario government to eliminate age discriminatory regulations and policies against young adult stroke survivors.

Healthcare should be based upon need and not a set of discrimatory policies.

I look forward to receiving your email response.

Thank you in advance for helping the thousands of young adult stroke survivors being denied treatment in Ontario.

Most Kindly,

Jim McEwen

Ontario’s Representative of Young Adult Stroke survivors between ages 20 and 64