Achilles Canada and OBSA Partner for “Shared Vision” Project

Achilles Canada, in partnership with Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA), is promoting the “Shared Vision” project, based on the inclusion
among the world of athletics, the education system, and community vision health agencies.

Our goals are to get the visually disabled active, to keep
them healthy through sport and dietary education and to help up-lift and empower them through social interaction and personal accomplishment.

“Shared Vision” is committed to providing physical activity opportunities using a sport model for the blind or visually impaired youth. The path for
this is using the sport of athletics to develop physical literacy as the foundation upon which all future athletic success is built. This is critical
for children with a disability, both for the eventual contribution it makes to sport performance, but even more so for the contribution it makes to the
individual’s future ability to live independently, physically and mentally healthy and integrated into society.

Athletics Canada / OBSA coaches will provide a training workshop for uniformity of session delivery.
The coaches will run athletics clinics for the vision teachers of Ontario and the visually impaired. Each school session will take place in a fully integrated phys-ed class
setting. Not only will the able-bodies students be learning how to guide, but they will also learn to move under eye shade and better understand their
disabled contemporary.

The other aspect of the program will be to train new guides and support persons. One of the key reasons for non participation, limited participation
or non-continued participation is access to sighted guide assistance.

To combat this issue the two partners will associate with Athletics Ontario’s provincial clubs and offer hands-on guide programs. Any interested
blind person in the community will then have access to a sport club that will be “Achilles certified”.

Both project components will increase awareness of persons with a disability; increase awareness of the importance of physical activity
through sport; the importance of healthy eating; help communities develop an
understanding of and expertise in barrier-free participation; integrate persons with disabilities into mainstream sport and recreation; recruit and
develop new athletes, coaches, guides, and leave legacies to support persons with a disability in the community.

About Achilles Canada

Achilles Canada is a non-profit organization that provides people with various disabilities an opportunity to receive the physical, psychological,
and communal benefits of running.

The club offers training and support by able-bodied members to its Achilles athletes of all ability levels. Guide runners and volunteers are always
needed, and sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

Achilles Canada welcomes people with all disabilities such as visual, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis,
amputation, cystic fibrosis, or those who suffer from stroke, cancer, traumatic head injury, and many others. Runners participate with crutches,
in wheelchairs, on prostheses, and without aid. From the beginner to the advanced, there is a range of program levels available to suit all personal

This ensures that members remain challenged while continuously improving and realizing their potential.

About OBSA

Ontario Blind Sports Association (OBSA) plans, promotes, co-ordinates, and sanctions events and activities designed to stimulate and assist the further
development of sports programs for blind/visually impaired athletes in Ontario. OBSA was incorporated in 1984.

The association selects athletes, coaches and support personnel to be members of teams representing the Province of Ontario in sports competitions
and programs for blind/visually impaired athletes, in Track and Field, Powerlifting, Lawn Bowling, Goalball, Wrestling, Judo and Swimming.
OBSA continues to increase opportunities for inclusion of its members in able-bodied sporting programs. Swimming, Powerlifting, Judo and Wrestling have been integrated sports for blind athletes for many years.

OBSA also provides an opportunity for the exchange of expertise and resources relating to sport for blind/visually impaired athletes, which
includes media and public awareness.

For more information please contact:

Sidronio Henrique (
Project Coordinator
Ontario Blind Sports Association
104 – 3 Concorde Gate
Toronto, ON, M3C 3N7
Tel. 416-426-7191 or 1-888-711-1112
Fax 416-426-7361

As of February 2011.