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*Macy’s Diner Leads the Way in Restaurant Menu Accessibility
*IZ Adaptive Clothing: A Cut Above
*City Fails Human Rights Test
*Sarnia Improving Accessibility


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Macy’s Diner Leads the Way in Restaurant Menu Accessibility

By Geof Collis

Some Restaurants offer Large Print or Braille menus, but what if you cant read either?

Others put it on their website, a PDF, but neither is accessible and still others think because they put it on Facebook that magically solves the issue, however Facebook is notoriously inaccessible.



IZ Adaptive Clothing: A Cut Above

By Annette Sultana

For me, living with a physical disability and having to rely on others as much as I do, involves “compromise. lots of compromise.” I like fashion and while I have always done my best to look good, at times I have had to sacrifice style for convenience and practicality. Thanks to Izzy Camilleri
and IZ Adaptive Clothing, compromise is now a thing of the past!



City Fails Human Rights Test

CORNWALL – Ontario’s human rights tribunal has found the city discriminated against an employee it fired rather than accommodate her disability.



Sarnia Improving Accessibility

It just makes sense to create a city that caters to the disabled, says Susan Weatherston.



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*2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Van with Braun Conversion


*Audio Described Broadway Musical, Mary Poppins, at the Princess of Wales Theatre



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