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*The McGuinty Watch
*Thumbs Up Program: Helpful or Misleading?
*When Will a Built Environment Accessibility Standard be Enacted?
*The Real Life of British Columbians With Disabilities
*Top 5 Web Accessibility Pitfalls
*Major Victory for Ontarians with Disabilities – McGuinty Government Enshrines Accessibility Requirements in its New 10-Year Infrastructure Plan
*Wait for e-Books Unfair, Student Says
*Pirates of the Accommodation


The Integrated Accessibility Standard (IAS) is now Law in Ontario! Is your website compliant?

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The McGuinty Watch

To make it easier for you to see how the McGuinty Government has treated the Disabled Community over it’s Terms we’ve compiled some relevant articles for you to view

As they become available we’ll post more so check back once in a while before Election time.



Thumbs Up Program: Helpful or Misleading?

By Geof Collis

The Thumbs Up program gives retailers and business’ a false sense that they have achieved accessibility when an AAC creates a very short list of accessibility needs, usually 2040 or so.



When Will a Built Environment Accessibility Standard be Enacted?

Now that the Ontario government has enacted the Integrated Accessibility Regulation to address barriers in transportation, employment, and information and communication, our attention turns to the remaining unfinished accessibility standard that has been in the works to date. That is the Built Environment Accessibility Standard.

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The Real Life of British Columbians With Disabilities

Paul Caune, Executive Director, Civil Rights Now!

In his delightful book Bad Medicine: Doctors Doing Harm Since Hippocrates David Wotton demonstrated that for 2,000 years doctors trained in a tradition starting in Ancient Greece not only caused more harm than good to their patients, but seemed unaware that they were doing more harm than good. For 2,000 years the only therapy Western doctors gave patients was to bleed them or give them drugs that made them puke or gave them diarrhea. It was only with the discovery of the infection process and the wide-spread acceptance of this discovery by Western doctors early in the twentieth century that doctors starting
saving more lives then ending them. This, in combination with the wide-spread distribution by the welfare state of vaccination, clean water, sanitation, and better housing effectively ended in the developed world diseases that killed 30 to 50% of all humans before the age of six, or disabled untold millions of them, since time immemorial.



Top 5 Web Accessibility Pitfalls

Editors Note: Even more discussion against Essential Accessibility and other programs like it.

The most recent software release that sparked the W3C email discussions is called Essential Accessibility, a software package that claims to solve all your accessibility problems: “…the only implementation step required is to display this symbol on the homepage
as a clickable icon through which any visitor can download the assistive technology they require free of charge.”

Sounds good in theory, but this software assumes that a person’s disability is a vision impairment, the person is using Windows to access websites, the website has been designed and developed in an accessible way and that people with disabilities are happy to only have access to the limited number of websites with the clickable icon.



Major Victory for Ontarians with Disabilities – McGuinty Government Enshrines Accessibility Requirements in its New 10-Year Infrastructure Plan

We have all won a major victory for Ontarians with disabilities, after several years of effort by us and our community. We are delighted that mandatory accessibility requirements are expressly enshrined in this new 10 year plan. It requires that: “all entities seeking provincial infrastructure funding for new buildings or major expansions/renovations to demonstrate how the funding will prevent or remove barriers and improve the level of accessibility where feasible.”



Wait for e-Books Unfair, Student Says

Long lines at the bookstore is usually all the waiting most students have to do before getting their textbooks. But for those with sight problems, the wait is even longer, and that is discriminatory, according to Miles Motture.



Pirates of the Accommodation

By Victor Schwartzman

“In the U.S. there are mandatory Federal accommodation standards. Here it varies from Province to Province. In the U.S. there is a mechanism to enforce those standards, where an individual person can appeal. Apart from a complaint under human rights legislation, which can be time consuming for the individual without a solid result for a long time, there is no mechanism in Canada to enforce those standards.”



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*Guide Dog Users of Canada (GDUC) General Meeting

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