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*Equal Access Delayed is Equal Access Denied!
*Ontario Mental Health System Faces Overhaul
*How Learning Disabled Can Make College a Reality
*Emotional Abuse of Workers vs. Those Who are Disabled
*Autistic Adults Being Left Behind: Parents
*Group Opposes Contact Limits
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Happy New Year from Accessibility News!!!


Equal Access Delayed is Equal Access Denied!

By Geof Collis

The Industry and World at large already knows what constitutes an accessible PDF and Government and Business are doing it as a matter of daily routine, so why do Ontarians have to wait until it is the Law of the land?

While our Government drags its feet on implementation of the Standard in question, thousands and thousands of inaccessible PDF’s will have been created and the equal access that Ontarians are supposed to be given under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)will be delayed.



Ontario Mental Health System Faces Overhaul

Ontario is going to change the way its “fractured” $3 billion mental health system works so that people get steered to the help they need, Health Minister
Deb Matthews said Wednesday.

Her comments followed a report from an expert advisory panel slamming the bureaucratic maze of agencies and government ministries offering a patchwork of services that often reach people too late — after they’ve had a breakdown or ended up in jail.



How Learning Disabled Can Make College a Reality

Most of the 3 percent or so of teens who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle so much in high school that they give up on hopes of college, setting back their job and career prospects, according to statistics compiled by the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

But there are reasons for hope for anyone with attention deficit disorder, dyslexia or other common learning challenges. College admissions officers and
learning disability counselors recommend these steps:



Emotional Abuse of Workers vs. Those Who are Disabled

The sad part about disability and/or the poverty story is that there are often times when we were led into the poverty trap due to circumstances beyond
our control. It could be a family break-up, the illness of a family member, alcoholism or addiction of a family member, attitudes of family and or society,
or a whole host of other things. It’s too bad society insists on judging the person and not the circumstances that led that person to where they are today.
Often, the circumstances are those of a tragedy, not that of laziness.



Autistic Adults Being Left Behind: Parents

Martin Couture, left, stands with his mother Rolande and his father Laurent. Couture, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has been unable to hold down a job, but is having a hard time getting financial support.

Ottawa is lagging behind the rest of Ontario in supporting adults with autism and their families, according to a local support group.



Group Opposes Contact Limits

The chairman of Kingston’s accessibility committee says the city is setting up unnecessary barriers to open communication.

Glenn Outhwaite and members of the Kingston Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee received a letter from city staff earlier this year that he says
restricts to whom they can talk.




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