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*The McGuinty Watch
*Procrastination Not Good for Compliance
*Patients With Special Needs at Risk for Poor Oral Care
*Ontario Government Turning a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear to the DeafBlind
*Call for a National Accessibility Action Plan to Meet Obligations to People With Disabilities
*Training Resource for Small Businesses and Organizations
*Government of Canada Removes Barriers for People With Disabilities
*Parking Punishes Handicapped
*Mental Health the Final Frontier in Diversity
*Pay $1,800 a Day or Get Out: Hospital
*Tips on How to Make WordPress Admin More Accessible to Screen Readers
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The McGuinty Watch

To make it easier for you to see how the McGuinty Government has treated the Disabled Community over it’s Terms we’ve compiled some relevant articles for you to view

As they become available we’ll post more so check back once in a while before Election time.



Procrastination Not Good for Compliance

Advance preparation a wise strategy when new legislation is coming down the pipe

This keeps everybody busy and could make it easy to put something on the backburner if it’s not imminent, like new legislation that might be coming into
effect down the line. But failure to pay attention could leave an employer unprepared and in trouble when the time to comply comes around.



Patients With Special Needs at Risk for Poor Oral Care

Lack of specialized dentists results in long wait times 

Many people with physical or mental disabilities are not receiving the oral care they need or have to wait for treatment for a year or more.



Ontario Government Turning a Blind Eye and a Deaf Ear to the DeafBlind

The government of Ontario proposed a new model for funding critical services to deafblind Ontarians that, if implemented, could
result in a 45 per cent reduction in services and funding for Ontario’s most vulnerable.



Call for a National Accessibility Action Plan to Meet Obligations to People With Disabilities

Two recognizable advocacy groups are asking the federal government to get on with a plan of action.

It was only a matter of time before Canadian advocates on behalf of people with disabilities would ask for a federal program or plan to meet Canada’s obligations to the United Nations.



Training Resource for Small Businesses and Organizations

Whether your organization is large or small, attracting every potential customer is essential to your business. Improving your services for customers with disabilities can help you increase your customer base and your bottom line.



Government of Canada Removes Barriers for People With Disabilities

The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, announced today a new
call for proposals for accommodation projects under the Social Development Partnerships Program — Disability component. Eligible expenses could include:
sign language interpretation, real-time captioning, readers and scribes, support persons and interveners. 



Parking Punishes Handicapped

My wife and I have had to make several trips to the new hospital in North Bay.

On our first trip we could not find a handicapped parking spot in the designated area, and on only one occasion have we been able to park in the proper
designated handicapped zone.

Even though there appears to be more handicapped spaces, they are always full. When I asked about parking costs I was told that starting March 1 you will need a ticket to enter the parking lot, then take that ticket into the hospital with you and have it punched just before you leave the hospital.



Mental Health the Final Frontier in Diversity

When Michael Bach has a bad day he doesn’t lie to his boss about where he is. The national director of diversity, equity and inclusion for KPMG LLP Canada, who’s lived with depression for his entire adult life, can call and say, “I woke up in the grey cloud today so I’m going to work from home.”

“He won’t have a problem with that,” says Mr. Bach. “Depression isn’t something I chose. I can still be recognized for being a great contributor to the



Pay $1,800 a Day or Get Out: Hospital

Angela Cornacchia was bowled over when she learned the “consequences” her mother, an 82-year-old hospital patient, was threatened with if she refused to move to the first bed that became available from a shortlist of nursing homes.

A social worker at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre told Cornacchia her mother could be billed $1,800 a day, the same daily, non-OHIP rate that out-of-country patients are charged.



Tips on How to Make WordPress Admin More Accessible to Screen Readers

By Geof Collis

I’ve been using WordPress now for almost 3 years, I’ve found it to be a fantastic piece of work and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to create a website, there are many Themes to choose from or if you have the skills you can create your own.

Most people might think WordPress is a Bloggin platform only but it is also a great Content Management System (CMS) as well and there are thousands of Plugins you can choose from to enhance your website and you dont need any real programming knowledge.



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