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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 10 years, 3 weeks, 0 days till a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

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*Sign the Optional Protocol of the CRPD
*Echo Sense Network Glasses: Remote Vision for the Blind
*WSIB Savings Come at a Cost
*AODA The Governments Albatross
*Accessible Parking Spots are a Magnet for Selfish Drivers
*Deaf and Blind Able to Shop Alone at Non-Profit Grocery Store
* has accessibility issues

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Sign the Optional Protocol of the CRPD

This International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Lets Remember our Rights

In 2010 Prime Minister Stephen Harper ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). This historic document recognized specific ways that disabled people are often left out of society such as Access to Justice (Article 13), Living independently and being included in the community (Article 19), Education (Article 24), Adequate standard of living and social protection (Article 28), as well as participation in political and public life (Article 29); the CRPD also recognized that women and children are further disenfranchised (Articles 6 and 7).


Echo Sense Network Glasses: Remote Vision for the Blind

With the introduction of the Apple Watch and other smart watches from Google and Samsung, the buzz around connected eyeglasses such as Google Glass has subsided considerably. Work on these devices is still being done, however, and recently I had the opportunity to demo a pair of smart glasses that have been developed to assist the blind in orientation mobility, and other tasks where a bit of long-distance sighted guidance may be of help.


WSIB Savings Come at a Cost

Many injured workers are unhappy, and not only because theyre hurt. Theyve worked hard and unfortunately been injured on the job. Yet, as many as one in four cannot get any satisfaction from the very system that is supposed to help them.

The Workers Safety and Insurance Board was designed to aid people injured on the job. Given long-standing and growing complaints about the system, it seems clear that it is failing many who need it.


AODA The Governments Albatross

Or The 2014 AODA Implementation Report
By Victor Schwartzman and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, have been summoned to write the AODA 2014 Year End Review. I was asked because the AODA story is identical to that of the creation of my famous poem, Kubla Khan. Why? Because, similar to the Ontario Governments implementation of AODA, my tale is also one of fraud and deception and failure to get the job done.


Accessible Parking Spots are a Magnet for Selfish Drivers

As soon as Christmas shopping begins, parking spaces become scarce. That sometimes leaves people who need those spots travelling long distances as able-bodied people take their accessible parking spaces.


Deaf and Blind Able to Shop Alone at Non-Profit Grocery Store

A non-profit food store in Vancouvers east end has introduced Braille signs and audio scanners to allow deaf-blind and other visually impaired customers to shop independently.

Read more at has accessibility issues

by Linda Saxon

The site has accessibility issues that need to be addressed, which makes me wonder was accessibility included in any RFP? Read more at

eSSENTIAL Accessibility

eSSENTIAL Accessibility: helping organizations reach, serve and empower people with disabilities.

The eSSENTIAL Accessibility assistive technology app gives those who have trouble typing, moving a mouse, or reading a screen due to a variety of conditions – such as stroke, paralysis or arthritis – the tools they need to navigate the Web. The app is free to the end-user and simple to use.

Organizations that feature the app on their websites are committed to making it easier for people with disabilities to access information online. For more info, please visit

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