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The AODA Clock is Ticking

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In this Issue

*Aylmer Runner Gaston Bedard Competes on World Stage
*The Well in Welfare
*Dieppe Will Remove Roundabout After Human Rights Complaint
*Comcast Unveils Talking TV Guide For Visually Impaired
*The Magic Behind The Disappearing AODA Complaint Line
*Helen Left a Proud Legacy

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Aylmer Runner Gaston Bedard Competes on World Stage

As a competitive runner, nothing can stop 62 year-old Gaston Bedard-not even complete blindness and deafness. The Boston Marathon, April 20, will be his 16th full marathon since running his first in 1979.


The Well in Welfare

by Alex Lytwyn

The words Employment & income Assistance they sound very nice but the simple fact of the matter is that two of them are not true.

Im speaking not for all, who are on this provincial program, just from my own experience. Sure, your income is provided to you (even thought, it is well
below the poverty level) however, employment and that nice sounding word assistance, I have yet to see.


Dieppe Will Remove Roundabout After Human Rights Complaint

At the time, she said that the Dieppe roundabout made it impossible for her to tell if cars were moving toward her or past her.


Comcast Unveils Talking TV Guide For Visually Impaired

Many assume that visually impaired and blind people do not use their televisions much. But, that is hardly the case. It is also why one company is unveiling a talking TV guide.


The Magic Behind The Disappearing AODA Complaint Line

By Victor Schwartzman

One recent example of a terrific magic trick was the Ontario Governments AODA Complaint Line being transformed into a Data Collection Resource. The Governments
trick is extra remarkable because it was performed while millions watched! Todays column will go behind the scenes to explain how the Government performed this feat.


Helen Left a Proud Legacy

Sadly, she is no longer with us to write more reports and columns. However her calls for them to be written echoes on, and has resoundingly been heard.
Columns and reports on these issues have been, and in the future will be found where they now should be, integrated in the product of a wide array of excellent reporters. That is truly the meaning of a lasting legacy.


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