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*The McGuinty Watch
*City of Kawartha Lakes Thumbs Its Nose at the AODA!
*Book’s Criticism of CNIB Appears Justified
*Comic Vision Sets Sight on a Cure
*City Violated Rights of Disabled Ex-Aide
*Parents, Workers Lament Lack of Funding for Developmentally Handicapped
*New ADA Regulations are Now in Effect
*Levelling the Playing field
*Federal Candidates Challenged to Run Accessible Campaigns
*Council Web Accessibility ‘Should Be Built Into Procurement’
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Did You Know:

At this point, no exact statistics exist for the joblessness situation for the Blind in Canada, but we know it is high. The unemployment rate is around 90 per cent. This high unemployment rate is due to lack of adequate and effective training for blind people, as well as a lack of opportunity. Currently Canada has no specific, concrete or targeted job promotion or job placement programs for blind people.

John Rafferty President & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian National Institute for the Blind has an annual income of $296,115.69 and is sighted.

The McGuinty Watch

To make it easier for you to see how the McGuinty Government has treated the Disabled Community over it’s Terms we’ve compiled some relevant articles for you to view

As they become available we’ll post more so check back once in a while before Election time.



City of Kawartha Lakes Thumbs Its Nose at the AODA!

Integrated Accessibility Regulation (IAR) soon to become Law but City of Kawartha Lakes shows contempt by launching a non standards compliant website.

By Geof Collis

The City of Kawartha Lakes launched it’s Economic Development website on March 31 and even though I informed them it wasn’t accessible according to the soon to be Law “Integrated Accessibility Regulation (IAR”, they launched it anyway, but why not? Whose going to stop them?



Book’s Criticism of CNIB Appears Justified

I find it intriguing and greatly disturbing that John Rafferty, CEO of the CNIB, chooses to call Graeme McCreath’s book
The Politics of Blindness “poorly researched and filled with inaccuracies.”



Comic Vision Sets Sight on a Cure

University of Western Ontario student Gavin Morrison hopes one day cracking a few jokes leads to restoring the sight of people living with vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and macular degeneration, the leading causes of blindness among children and people aged 50 plus, respectively. 



City Violated Rights of Disabled Ex-Aide

It’s likely the City of Toronto will be forced to pay a disabled man damages now that Ontario’s human rights tribunal has determined the city failed to
investigate George Berger’s allegations of discrimination and harassment.



Parents, Workers Lament Lack of Funding for Developmentally Handicapped

With the new Ontario budget due out this week, advocates connected to Windsor and Essex County’s Community Living organizations took time last week to meet with the media regarding the lack of funding for supports and services.

Over 400 adults in Windsor and Essex County are on waiting lists for such services and that list continues to grow every year.



New ADA Regulations are Now in Effect

The first revised regulations to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 20 years took effect March 15. For the most part, compliance with the new regulations is not mandated until March 15, 2012. According to the Department of Justice, this delay allows businesses enough time to implement the new requirements.

However, attorney Matthew Fusco of ChamberlainD’Amanda explained the new regulations concerning accessibility and communication technology apply immediately to facilities constructed or revamped after March 15.



Levelling the Playing field

The local sports scene is about to expand.

The Cochrane District Accessible Sport Council officially launched on Saturday with plans of providing people with various physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in sports.



Federal Candidates Challenged to Run Accessible Campaigns

For Canadians with disabilities who need alternate media (Braille, large print, accessible electronic files), accessible web sites that are screen reader
friendly, and sign language interpretation, making an informed choice will be difficult if election candidates do not run accessible campaigns.



Council Web Accessibility ‘Should Be Built Into Procurement’

Website accessibility should be built into local authority software and IT systems procurement criteria, the leading annual review of all UK council websites has found.

Note: While this is in the UK the subject is no less relevant here in Ontario.



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*The BALANCE for Blind Adults E-Access Survey Spring 2011


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