A Sudbury Company is Investing in Homes and Transportation for Disabled Youth

The Adult Enrichment Centre helps youth with disabilities after they graduate from high school. CBC News · Posted: Jun 04, 2018

Joanne Bouchard founded The Adult Enrichment Centre for young people 5 years ago. The centre is there to help people graduating from high school who have a physical or developmental disability find work and a place to live.

More help is on the way for young people with physical or developmental disabilities in the northeast

Two of the biggest challenges for young adults with physical and developmental disabilities are finding a supportive place to live and safe transportation. The Adult Enrichment Centre in Sudbury is a company that helps young adults learn to live and work in their community. They’ve recently expanded their services. Joanne Bouchard, the Executive Director of the centre, shared more details with the CBC’s Jan Lakes. 8:11

A centre that offers support to young adults with developmental and physical disabilities in Sudbury is investing in some new homes and accessible buses.

Joanne Bouchard is the Founding Executive Director and says two of the biggest barriers her clients face are transportation and finding a safe place to live.

That’s why the centre is buying its own accessible buses as well as building 6 brick houses that would house 6 people in each. Bouchard says right now in the city, there are very few options for her clients.

“You could never accommodate any of the guys that are in my program. I think out of 130 clients we have 2 that are registered for residential care and they are on a wait list and that wait list I think is about 217 that are just registered.”

Bouchard says the new houses will have the appropriate support for each person living there.

She says the other issue is lack of flexibility for her clients when it comes to transportation.
She says often those with developmental disabilities don’t quality for specialized transit such as Handi-Transit.

“On numerous occasions we’ve had people that have been waiting to come into program, but because of the transportation barriers they can’t come. So they are sitting home and they are unable to get involved in their own community.”

Bouchard says the centre hopes to have new buses for Sudbury and for their Sault. Ste. Marie location in the next few months.

As for the housing, they are in phase one of residential planning. The centre has partnered with two local companies and have property at the end of the Kingsway.

The Adult Enrichment Centre has locations in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Timmins.

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