Popular Montreal BreakDancer With Disability Calls Out Trudeau Airport for Accessibility Fail

Born with arthrogryposis, a muscle disorder that affects his legs and requires him to use crutches and a wheelchair, the world-renowned b-boy and motivational entertainer is known for his perseverance and his philosophy of “No Excuses. No Limits.”


One Year Before Paralympics, Paris Trying to Make City More Accessible to Those With Disabilities

With only one subway line totally accessible out of 16, the city is under pressure to find solutions before the Paralympics start on Aug. 28, 2024.

And both the Games’ organizers and wheelchair users such as tennis gold medalist Michael Jeremiasz see the Paris Paralympics as an opportunity to bring about durable change.


Lobbying to bring back braille menus

Gerry Dewan
CTV News London Reporter
Published Aug. 25, 2023

Terry Hoddinott lost his vision to cancer when he was just three years old. He now runs a London, Ont.-based business that seeks to improve life for others with visual impairments.

He admits there are always hurdles to overcome, like the one he experienced during a recent visit to a Boston Pizza in Toronto when he asked for a braille menu.

“They said, ‘Well, we have QR codes’,” recounted Hoddinott. “I told them that doesn’t work, it’s not accessible and they said, ‘We can stand here and read it to you’ and I was flabbergasted.”

Characters With Disabilities ‘Consistently Missing’ From Movies

Despite years of advocacy, a scathing new report finds that fewer of the most popular new movies are featuring people with disabilities.


Disabled Fans Decry No-Show Accessible Festival Toilets

What’s on your UK summer festival season checklist? Probably a mix of top bands, warm hazy days with friends and answered prayers for at least a little sun (as well as a sturdy tent).

But for many disabled festival-goers, simply knowing whether they’ll be able to access the toilet can often top the bill before any headline act.


Nearly 99% Of Adults With Autism Have No Employment Services

Hardly any adults with autism are receiving supports to help them find or keep a job, new research shows, and even among the few who do, the services are often far too short-term.


Accessibility News August 26,2023 Update

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Montreal’s REM Train Network Not as Accessible as Promised,Advocates Say

It’s a simple elevator ride up to the tracks at the newly-built REM stations, but if the elevator isn’t working, those with mobility issues are out of luck.


The Wheelie Peeps: Disability Advocates Protest Illegal Use of Accessible Parking

The Wheelie Peeps, disability advocates who were featured in the docuseries PUSH, hosted a peaceful protest in Edmonton on Tuesday to bring awareness and call for municipal authorities to do more when it comes to enforcing who is allowed to park in accessible parking spots.


Amid Delays on Federal Disability Benefit, Advocates Call for Interim Emergency Aid

Jeffrey Salisbury, 39, has received assistance through the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for more than a decade.

But in the midst of a housing and affordability crisis, he is finding it more and more difficult to get through each month.