Accessible Science: Chemistry 101

Often in photos there is a phenomenon known as red eye, which is where the flash is reflected off the retina and the camera picks this up. But there is also what’s known as white eye, and it can show up long before a diagnoses of an eye problem. Noah’s cancer was spotted at four months, but reviewing baby pictures Shaw spotted the white eye in photos taken when his son was just twelve days old.


Newly-Crowned Ms. Wheelchair Ohio Advocates for Better Accessibility

A Berea woman has been crowned Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2022, and she’s using her new title to make sure people with disabilities have better access in the community.


AODA: Removing Financial Accessibility Barriers for Graduate Students with Disabilities

The Committee recommends that the government should undertake a review to identify financial barriers that graduate students face. This review should determine how the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) interacts with sources of financial support available to graduate students, including:


Call for Proposals Launched to Improve the Participation and Social Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities Across Canada

Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must leave no one behind, including the one in five Canadians who identify as having a disability. That is why the Government of Canada is working with partners from the disability community to address barriers to accessibility and inclusion, so that every Canadian can fully participate in all aspects of society.


OPINION: Does Technology Provide Accessibility for All?

Many seniors and disabled people have not adapted well to technology, and often find themselves left out.


Technology Can’t Solve the Problems Ableism Creates

“Did you read that story in the Stanford Report about the affordable “smart cane” that uses robotics? Wasn’t it cool?”

Whenever articles about disability technology come out, I’m asked for my thoughts and feelings on the innovation at hand. People expect me, a blind person, to share their excitement. Most find my frustration and lack of enthusiasm perplexing. They don’t understand that, in the midst of the excitement that comes with applying technology to the disability community, the true harm, ableism, is often overlooked.


Accessibility News March 26,2022 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 2 years, 40 weeks, 1 day until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

In this Issue

Mobility Tech Startup Kalogon Introduces Its All-New Connected Smart Cushion For Wheelchair Users

Developed by ex-SpaceX engineers the aerospace company started by Elon Musk Kalogon describes the cushion as being designed to “assist in the healing and prevention of pressure ulcers or bedsores.” The company notes these injuries are the leading cause of preventable death for the more than 3 million Americans who use a wheelchair.


Justice Department Breaks its Silence Regarding Website Accessibility

The Guidance explains at a high-level how state and local governments (entities covered by Title II of the ADA) and places of public accommodation (entities covered by Title III of the ADA and virtually any business that sells goods and services to retail consumers) can make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Will Ottawa City Council Today Green-Light a 3rd Pilot with Electric Scooters, Using Vulnerable People with Disabilities, Seniors and Others as Unwilling Guinea Pigs, Even Though E-Scooters Have Been Proven in Ottawa to Endanger Their Safety and Accessibility?