Solicitor General Brushes Off Disability Advocate Concerns About Triage Protocol

Asked about concerns raised by disability advocates for months that the provincial triage guidelines discriminate against them, Ontario’s solicitor general got upset.

“There is no triage protocol being used,” Sylvia Jones said, cutting off the question from QP Briefing. “I am very frustrated that you continue to suggest that there is a triage protocol in place in the province of Ontario in our hospitals. Talk to the hospital CEOs, talk to the minister of health. It is not accurate.”


OPINION: In Anticipation of A BC Accessibility Act

Imagine for a moment you were the keynote speaker at an event, but you arrived and couldn’t get onto the stage.

What if you couldn’t speak and were refused medical services unless you allowed someone to speak for you?


It Terrifies Me: Smiths Falls Mom at Risk of Homelessness Due to Lack of Affordable, Accessible Housing

“For 27 years I’ve called Smiths Falls home and now I’m facing having no home here and it terrifies me,” said Preece. “It makes me feel as a mother so guilty that because of me being in a wheelchair and there not being any accessible, affordable housing in this town that my son is now facing having no home through no fault of his own.”


Hamilton Woman’s ODSP Cut After Selling Her Home to Pay Off Debt

Patricia Atkinson says selling her home to her daughter was the best way to stay in her house Saira Peesker
CBC News, Apr. 11, 2021

Patricia Atkinson, 58, has lived in the same two-storey house in Hamilton’s Keith neighbourhood for 25 years. In this part of the central lower city, neighbours know each other and Atkinson feels at home. When her husband Donald died last year, she knew she wanted to stay – but had a $90,000 home-equity line of credit to contend with first.

Atkinson suffers from epilepsy and severe back problems, and receives Ontario disability support program (ODSP) payments. She knew paying off the loan was unlikely, but without her husband’s income, she was also unlikely to even be able to renew it, she said. Don had also been her caregiver, so she needed more help around the house as well.

Feeding Frenzy by Corporate Lobbyist Continues at Toronto City Hall to Pressure City Council to Permit Electric Scooters Despite Their Proven Dangers to Vulnerable People with Disabilities, Seniors, Children and Others


As The Ford Government Back-Pedals and Scrambles to Re-Invent Its Response to the COVID-19 Crisis, Will It Make Public and Fix Its Disability-Discriminatory Critical Care Triage Plans?


Great News! New Toronto City Staff Report Recommends that Toronto Not Allow Electric Scooters – Sign Up to Tell Toronto’s Infrastructure Committee’s April 28, 2021 Virtual Meeting To Say No To E-Scooters


National CBC News Covers Disability Discrimination Problems with Ontario’s Critical Care Triage Protocol — Protocol’s Defenders Make Transparently Bogus Arguments to Defend It


Six Bio-Ethicists on Ontario Government’s “Bioethics Table” Confirm Ongoing Concerns Raised by Disability Organizations regarding the Discriminatory and Secret Plans for the Triaging of Critical Care


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