The Ford Government’s January 13, 2021 Critical Care Triage Protocol Would Make Every Triage Doctor a Law Unto Themselves, Denying Due Process or Fair Procedure to Patients Whose Lives Are In Jeopardy

In this Update we focus on one powerful and very disturbing illustration of how doctors would wrongly become a law unto themselves. They would too often be able to consciously or unconsciously bring to bear their own personal and subjective preferences when deciding which patients they will deny life-saving critical care. The January 13, 2021 triage protocol which was secretly sent to Ontario hospitals gives no due process or procedural fairness to a patient who needs life-saving critical care, but whom a doctor might refuse critical care.


COVID-19 Pandemic Boosts Visibility of Sign Language, Increases Accessibility for Deaf Community

Sign language interpreters said that they hope increased use of interpreters during major events helps increase accessibility for the deaf community.


Online Learning Is Worsening the Already-Uneven Educational Experience for Neurodiverse Students

Students with ADHD are underrepresented in the university system, their symptoms poorly managed and their degree outcomes uncertain. This academic year may be the testing ground for the shape of higher education to come, and I worry that students with ADHD and other invisible disabilities will be placed at a particular disadvantage owing to a lack of social and institutional support as well as the realities of market-based higher education.


Canada Isn’t Ready to Deal With Influx of Those Disabled From COVID-19: Advocates

Based on what disability advocates have seen so far, Canadian cities aren’t ready for the influx of people temporarily or permanently disabled from COVID-19. Long-term effects include breathing problems, mobility limitations from fatigue, and neurological and sleeping difficulties.


CBC Program Reveals Disturbing Fact that, Far From Objective Scientific Decisions, Ontario Critical Care Triage Could Involve Doctors Guesstimating and Improvising When Deciding Which Patients Should be Refused Life-Saving Critical Medical Care They Need

And Other News on The Triage Issue


Accessibility News January 23,2021 Update

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In this Issue

Even More Reason to Worry About Secret Ontario Plans Regarding Rationing or Triage of Life-Saving Critical Medical Care Is Revealed in Two Newspaper Articles and a Letter Secretly Sent to Ontario Hospitals

We today share more media coverage on the Ford Government’s frightening plans for deciding who will be refused life-saving critical medical care they need, if the out-of-control COVID-19 pandemic forces the rationing or triage of critical care. More revelations give rise to more serious dangers facing Ontarians with disabilities and others if that eventuality arises an eventuality that a key Government medical advisor Dr. James Downar described as being “close”, on the January 13, 2021 edition of TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.


Ontario Urged to Suspend Need for Consent Before Withdrawing Life Support When COVID Crushes Hospitals

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that a major Toronto Hospital could not withdraw life-support from a minimally conscious and severely brain-damaged man without his family’s consent.


More Media Coverage of Danger that the Ford Government’s Critical Medical Care Triage Poses for Ontarians with disabilities

But the Government Claims Protocol Does Not Come From the Government So Does The Government Believe It Comes From Some Rogue Group Issuing Directions to Ontario’s Hospitals?


Ontario Patients to Be Ranked for Life-Saving Care Should ICUs Become Full, Documents Show

The province’s triage protocol guidance states that patients should be assessed and placed in a colour-coded framework based on their risk of short-term mortality, which is defined as survival beyond 12 months after the onset of critical illness.