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Over the past weeks, there has been a ton of breaking news on different fronts of our never-ending campaign for accessibility for people with disabilities. Before we shut down for the holidays, we’re going to try to catch you up on some that we have not earlier been able to address.


Accessible Tourism Identified as ‘Game Changer’ for Destinations

Ensuring accessibility for tourists with specific access requirements can be a ‘game changer’ for destinations around the world as they look to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic.


The Ontario Bioethics Table’s Secret September 11, 2020 Recommendations on How to Ration or “Triage” Life-Saving Critical Medical Care if COVID-19 Cases Overload Ontario Hospitals are Finally Revealed, and Incorporate a Number of Disability Advocates’ Proposals – But We’re Not Out of the Triage Woods Yet!

What a major partial breakthrough we have had in our 9-month campaign to ensure that patients with disabilities face no discrimination in access to life-saving critical care if the uncontrolled surge in COVID-19 infections requires the rationing or triage of critical care in Ontario hospitals.


Cyberpunk Adds Epilepsy Warning After Reviewer Warns of Seizures

It thanked one reviewer who said it had triggered “one major seizure” and left them “close” to another several times.


Accessibility News December 12,2020 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 4 years, 2 weeks, 6 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

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Why Disability Advocates are Worried About Changes to Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying Bill

Jeff Preston wants to know what governments are doing to help people with disabilities live


Disability Advocates Propose Plan to Fix, Improve Winnipeg Transit

Disability Advocates Propose Plan to Fix, Improve Winnipeg Transit Report identifies 9 steps to ensuring those with disabilities have equal access


Share with Others the Youtube Link to Yesterday’s Important Panel on TV Ontario’s “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” Revealing the Hardships Facing Many Ontario Students with Disabilities During Distance Education and While Attending Re-Opened Schools

You can now watch it online any time you want, on your computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV!


Advocates Fear AVs Will Leave Disabled Riders Behind

For Carol Tyson, a recent proposal that would advance the commercialization of self-driving vehicles brought familiar pangs of frustration.

Like so many others, Tyson, an advocate for people with disabilities, believes autonomous transportation holds the potential to unlock newfound independence and mobility for millions of Americans. However, blueprints for that future are missing vital components, namely vehicle designs and regulatory frameworks that address considerations for riders with disabilities.


Watch TVO’s “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” Tonight at 8 or 11 PM for an Interview on Whether Distance Education and Re-Opened Schools are Meeting the Learning Needs of Students with Disabilities

This program will appear on TV (for those who still use it). It will also stream tonight at 8 pm on the Twitter feed and Facebook page of The Agenda with Steve Paikin. It will be permanently available on YouTube. In a future AODA Alliance Update, we will provide the YouTube link.