Are ‘Accessible’ Walk-in Clinics Accessible to All?

Few ‘accessible’ walk-in clinics are truly
accessible to people in wheelchairs and scooters,
says the Ottawa Disability Coalition1 (ODC).


Toronto ‘Woefully Unprepared’ to Meet Needs of Aging Population

Accessibility advocates are lauding a provocative awareness campaign launched by the city to highlight the mobility barriers faced by people living with disability. But they want to see the city do more than just bring attention to the issue of accessibility, and actively work to make improvements.


Give Blind LRT Riders Enough Time to Prepare, Advocates Urge

Lorne Neufeldt is worried he and his guide dog Herbie could end up in dangerous situations on Ottawa’s new light rail line if the city doesn’t give accessibility experts enough time to assess the system.


Accessibility News May 18,2019 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 5 years, 32 weeks, 5 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

In this Issue

Despite No Announced Plans to Implement the David Onley AODA Independent Review Report, the Ford Government Gives 1.3 Million Dollars to Help Finance a Private Accessibility Certification Program — A Use of Public Money We Don’t Support

Why has the Ford Government dragged its feet for months on taking new action to effectively implement and enforce the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)? Why instead, amidst a flurry of its controversial budget cuts across the Ontario Government, has the Government decided to invest 1.3 million new public dollars over two years in the private accessibility certification process now operated by the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF)?


In a powerful Open Letter sent to the House of Commons, An Extraordinary Lineup of Twenty-Eight Disability Organizations Unite to Press for the House of Commons’ Ratification of All the Amendments that the Senate Just Passed to Strengthen Bill C-81, the Proposed Accessible Canada Act

A strong concerted effort by Canada’s disability community has been unveiled to get the House of Commons to swiftly ratify all the amendments that the Senate just passed to improve Bill C-81, the Federal Government’s proposed Accessible Canada Act. This legislation is needed to tear down the many accessibility barriers that impede over six million people with disabilities in Canada, in areas that the Federal Government can regulate, such as air travel, banking, broadcast, telecommunication services, and the services of the Federal Government itself.


Canada’s Senate Passed Bill C-81, the Proposed Accessible Canada Act, on Third Reading Last Evening, Replete with All the Amendments that the Senate’s Standing Committee Made to Improve the Bill

But Will the Federal Government Vote to Ratify All Those Amendments When the Bill Returns to the House of Commons?


102 Days after the Ford Government Received David Onley’s Independent Review of the AODA, the Government Has Still Not Announced a Detailed Plan to Implement It

We have recently focused a lot of attention on Parliament in Ottawa, and on Bill C-81, the proposed federal Accessible Canada Act. Yet we never lose sight of important issues at the provincial level at Queen’s park. Here’s the latest!


Lyft Fights to Avoid Americans with Disabilities Act in Federal Court

Lyft argues it should not be subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and is fighting a federal class action lawsuit filed in Westchester County on the grounds that “it is not in the transportation business.”


Disabled Musicians are Being ‘Failed by Venues’

Last year, Ruth Patterson’s band Holy Moly and the Crackers tried to book a tour of the UK.

But one venue wrote back, refusing to host them because Patterson, who has arthritis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, uses a wheelchair.