Autism Service Dogs Can Keep a Child Safe and Calm, But Their Trainers Aren’t Always Allowed in Public Places

On a platform between GO Trains at Union Station, Deanna Allain gives her dog Carlin a firm tug on the collar.

The 90 pound chocolate labrador retriever looks up at her, but doesn’t budge.

Despite appearances, Carlin isn’t being stubborn or disobeying an order. Instead, he’s performing a command that could one day save a child’s life.


Accessibility Must Be More Than an Add-On to Online Pedagogy

If we are serious about accessible online learning, we must talk openly about disability as if it is right here, right now because it is.


Blind Workers Test Limitations of Online Hiring Systems

Hard Rock Cafe. GameStop. Dart Container. Albertsons. What do the theme-restaurant chain, gaming retailer, foam cup maker, and grocery store chain have in common? All are accused of having online job application systems that blind workers can’t access fully.


Apple Sued Over Claims Website is Inaccessible to Visually Impaired Users

Apple has become the target of a new lawsuit, one that claims the iPhone producer’s website is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not being fully accessible to blind or visually-impaired consumers, due to the way the website itself is coded.


Meow Cat Café Dispute Highlights Canada’s Accessibility Problem, Paralympian Jeff Adams Says

The owners of the business argued that wheelchairs pose a danger to their cats.

Paralympian and law student Jeff Adams spent an uncomfortable few hours at Meow Cat Café in Toronto after hearing the business turned away a 16-year-old because he uses a wheelchair.


The High Cost of Special-Needs Programming

Afshan Tafler has left no stone unturned in a bid to get help for her son, who has pervasive developmental disorder and who also shows signs of giftedness. The Toronto-based whole-life coach enrolled him in a private school with smaller class sizes and an on-site occupational therapist. She also pays an additional $10,000 a year above the school’s $23,000 tuition for an even smaller, personalized program within the school that tailors the curriculum to his learning style.


Accessibility News August 18,2018 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 6 years, 19 weeks, 4 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

In this Issue

Smartboards are Making Learning Accessible in Classrooms

Chalkboards and basic whiteboards are out, and taking their place are interactive whiteboards, called smartboards. In fact, smartboards are making learning accessible for kids with disabilities.

Smartboards are visual learning tools. So, you might find yourself wondering how they are making learning accessible for kids with disabilities. In this article, we explore how smartboards help students who are:


Premier Ford and Accessibility Minister Raymond Cho Write the AODA Alliance In Response to Our Recent Letters Recommending Key Accessibility Priorities for The Premier and Minister

We recently received letters from Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford, and Ontario’s new Minister for Accessibility and Seniors, Raymond Cho. These are the first official statements by the Ford Government on accessibility for people with disabilities, since it took office, as far as we have seen. We make these letters public in this Update. The text of these letters is set out below.


London Politicians Move Forward With Demands to Create Barrier-Free City

City of London is moving forward with a proposal to create an accessible-friendly city.

It took the threat of a mass resignation and a set of strict demands to “open the eyes” of city staff and council.