Fitness Technology That Helps the Blind Get Moving

A drone that guides blind runners around a track is just one of several new fitness technologies designed to assist the visually impaired.

While NASA is working to make drones quieter, one researcher at the University of Nevada, Reno, is using its noise to benefit blind athletes.


Is My Company’s Website Accessible?

Many of your clients or customers would answer, “Of course. I open Chrome or Internet Explorer, type in the address, and there I am, ready to log-in and shop, pay my bill, or schedule an appointment.”


Wynne Government Refuses to Waive Its $4,250 Fee for Fully Answering AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofskys Freedom of Information Application Seeking Important Government Records on the AODAs Implementation and Enforcement

Lepofsky Asks the Wynne Government to Reconsider This Refusal

When it comes to the accessibility rights of people with disabilities, how free is Freedom of Information in Ontario? Is Premier Wynne keeping her promise to ensure that hers is the most open and transparent government in Canada?


Accessibility News January 16,2016 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 8 years, 50 weeks, 2 days till a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

In this Issue

Advocate Pushes Gas Station Aid for Disabled People

Edward Rice understands the limitations a disability can create, even when you are trying to perform a simple task like filling your car’s tank with gasoline.

Rice had polio, but in the past, he was able to drive thanks to special modifications that were made to his minivan. A built-in winch helped get his scooter in and out of the vehicle, and he was able to drive using hand controls.


Human Rights Commission Takes Disabled Voter’s Case to Court

All Linda Gauthier wanted was a little mercy when she tried to enter imposing St-Stanislas-de-Kosta Church in Montreal seven years ago.

She was there to vote, not to pray.


What is the Difference Between Accessible, Usable, and Universal Design?

Several terms have emerged in recent years that describe similar though somewhat distinct design concepts. The terms accessible design, usable design, and universal design are all approaches to design that can result in products that are easier for everyone to use, including people with disabilities.


York Student Wins Mental-Health Fight; University Will No Longer Require Medical Diagnosis Before Providing Academic Accommodations

Navi Dhanota knew she needed some help to score top grades in university, but this time she wasn’t prepared to return to a psychiatrist’s chair to get it. She didn’t think any student should have to disclose their private mental-health diagnosis for the privilege of academic accommodations such as getting extra time to hand in an assignment or test.


Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Kent State University to Resolve Allegations of Discrimination in University-Operated Student Housing

The Justice Department announced today that Kent State University (KSU) has agreed to pay $145,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit alleging that the university had maintained a policy of not allowing students with psychological disabilities to keep emotional support animals in university-operated student housing.


City of Toronto Grapples with Accessible Parking Permit Abuse

We’re the only municipality in Ontario that offers free street parking for accessible permit holders with very few exceptions (no standing zones and fire hydrants). Having this type of permit is as good as gold in a city where parking is expensive and hard to come by. Everybody wants one whether they have a disability or not.