The Zombie Election

By Victor Schwartzman

It lumbers towards us, dead yet somehow alive: the Zombie Election. Don’t let it get too close. The Zombie Election will eat your brains!


To the People Who React to My Disability With ‘I’m Sorry’

Karin Hitselberger

When you apologize for my wheelchair, my disability, you apologize for the person I’ve become. When you apologize for my wheelchair, you make it seem like I’m the problem, like who I am is so bad that I deserve an apology for just having to live. My wheelchair is
part of who I am, as is my disability, and I am proud of them.


Accessibility News September 19,2015 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

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In this Issue

MUN Prof Refuses to Wear Device for Hearing Disabled Student, Cites Religious Reasons

A Memorial University student with a hearing disability is upset that one of his professors refused to wear a sound-transmitting device last week during a lecture, and he said she told him it was because of religious reasons.


Commbank’s new EFTPOS “Albert”: Accessibility Short-Changed

Friday, September 18, 2015
by Gisele Mesnage and Ted McCoskey

Our first editorial is not published with the intent of naming and shaming the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) or any other business. Our message is that the story of Albert highlights the need for national, compliance-based standards on digital accessibility.

Albert is a new touch-screen tablet EFTPOS payment device developed and promoted by CBA in partnership with global hardware and software specialist Wincor Nixdorf and design firm IDEO.


Disabled Voters Still Face Accessibility Challenges at the Polls, Advocates Say

But disability rights activist David Lepofsky said the tools fall short, since users will still have to seek sighted help to see if the ballot is properly aligned within the template. Past elections, he said, have consistently been marred by half-baked solutions.

“The ability to mark the ballot has several components: independently marking your own ballot in private, and being able to verify that you marked it correctly,” he said.


Attend September 29, 2015 Toronto All Candidates’ Debate on Federal Election’s Disability Issues

More Media Coverage on Federal and Provincial Disability Accessibility Campaigns and AODA Alliance News Release on Tonight’s TTC Accessible Transit Public Forum


Focus: Employers Urged to Prepare for New AODA Requirements

With a new year approaching, employers will once again need to prepare for a new set of obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

“The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is one of Ontario’s best-kept employment law secrets,” says Doug MacLeod of the MacLeod Law Firm.


Raymond Burr Explains Canadians with Disabilities Act

By Raymond Burr, with the help of Victor Schwartzman

Although I passed away in 1993, we all live forever on the internet. Recently I was contacted by the political parties in the current Canadian federal election. They contacted me because I was a Canadian, an actor, and had acted the part of a person with a disability. They therefore thought I would be the best person to ask about a Canadians with Disabilities Act.


Wheel-Trans Did NOT Accommodate Disabled Passengers During the PanAm/ParaPan Am Games

by Louise Bark

Toronto hosted the PanAm/ParaPan Am Games and recruited over 23,000 volunteers. I was one of them. What an amazing experience!!

The one problem I encountered though was Wheel-Trans. What a nightmare.