Breaking News in the Campaign for a Barrier-Free Canada: Federal NDP Announces It will Support Enactment of the Canadians with Disabilities Act

Federal New Democratic Party Promises to Pass a Canadians with Disabilities Act – and Listen Live Online If You Cannot Attend the September 29 2015 Federal All Candidates Forum on Disability Issues


Accommodating Mental Illness in Condos

To the extent that a condo wants to rely on the defence of undue hardship, the burden of proof rests squarely on the corporation. As such, the condo must demonstrate that the accommodation is too onerous because it unreasonably compromises health and safety or it jeopardizes the condo’s continued existence, though the courts have sometimes also considered the effect on other residents.


How Universal Access Law Stopped The Borg And Saved The Universe

By Victor Schwartzman

The starship Enterprise settled into orbit around Altair 4. Captain Jean-Luc Picard relaxed, sitting in his command chair, sipping Earl Grey tea. Checking on a distant planet’s progress was routine. For once, all would be easy.

“Captain, there is a problem.” Commander Data, sitting at the scanning console, told him, “This planet is confused”.


Blind Parent Wins Battle for Access to Online Seattle School Resources

Seattle Public Schools will make its website and other online resources more accessible to blind students, faculty members and parents as part of an agreement tied to a lawsuit filed by a blind parent last year.


Councils Set to Leave a Bad Taste in the Mouth of Disabled Event-Goers Across Australia

Hobart City Council is on the verge of signing up to use the Commonwealth Bank’s inaccessible EFTPOS tablet, Albert as the key payment device for their 2015/16 Taste of Tasmania food festival.

The Digital Gap Initiative wrote about this device on 18 September, after its Founder and President met with CommBank to express their concerns.

Digital Gap Initiative Tasmanian member, James Newton, met with Hobart City Council representatives last Friday, 25 September.


Accessibility News September 26,2015 Update

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Join the Call for Passage of a Canadians with Disabilities Act!

Do you think Canadians with disabilities should be able to travel on airplanes or trains? Do you think they should have equal access to services provided by the Government of Canada? Should they be able to enjoy whatever CBC posts on its public websites? Should they be able to enter their neighbourhood polling station and independently mark their own ballot?


Use Three Great New Tools in This Federal Election to Support Passage of a Strong Canadians with Disabilities Act

Here’s even more accessibility news for you as the last four weeks are under way, leading to Canada’s October 19, 2015 election.


VCH Must Stop Putting Vulnerable People Into George Pearson Centre

Paul Caune says the George Pearson Centre does not meet the need of its patients.

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) should stop putting vulnerable medically fragile people into George Pearson Centre (GPC), the 63 year old 114-bed Vancouver institution for disabled adults.


Discriminatory Practices at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN)

With alarm, CHHA learned last week of MUN professor Dr. Ranee Panjabi’s refusal to wear an FM microphone to accommodate a student with a hearing loss enrolled in her class. Equally disturbing is the fact that MUN has allowed this practice to persist throughout Dr. Panjabi’s lengthy tenure, dating as far back as 1985.