Increasing Opportunities for Children Living With Intellectual Disabilities to Participate in Physical Activity

Government of Canada partnering with Special Olympics Canada, the RBC Foundation and the Samuel Family Foundation to expand Active Start and FUNdamentals programs


Send Us Feedback on Our Draft Brief to the Mayo Moran Independent Review of the AODA’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act’s Implementation and Enforcement

Please send us feedback on our draft brief to the Independent Review of the AODA’s implementation and enforcement that is now being conducted by Mayo Moran. Email your feedback to us no later than June 26, 2014, at


Appeal Process for CPP disability Benefits is a ‘David and Goliath’ Battle, Sask. Advocate Says

Federal appeals tribunal has backlog of 7,000 cases

A Saskatchewan woman who helps people apply for benefits under the Canada Pension Plan says the federal government’s appeal process is a “David and Goliath” battle.


Ontario Issues Human Rights Policy for the Mentally Ill

TORONTO — The Ontario Human Rights Commission released a set of guidelines Wednesday on how to best handle human rights issues related to the mentally ill, saying it hoped other provinces would follow suit.


Toronto Police Admit “Mistake” After Finding Holding Cell Video They Say Didn’t Exist

Disabled man pushed for years to see the video from the night he claims a cop flicked urine on him. Police maintained no video existed, until they recently found it.

Udhbirprasaud “Joe” Bhikram has maintained he was mistreated while in police custody in 2009. A holding cell video police said no longer existed has just surfaced. By: Alex Ballingall News, Published on Sun Jun 15 2014

Toronto police “made a mistake” in asserting for years that video footage didn’t exist from the night a disabled man claims an officer flicked urine on him in a 52 Division holding cell, a police spokesman says.

AODA: The Failure of a Self-Reporting Structure

Once the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario ()ADO gets this self-report, they will have no idea that there IS a specialized transportation service in the municipality, that none of the Transportation Standards are being complied with, or that those of us with disabilities are in danger of having this service eliminated over the determination to “get rid” of the provincial law and those of us with disabilities.


Workplace Safety Insurance Board Steps Up Spying on Clients, Documents Show

Internal documents show the WSIB considers psychological conditions or language barriers to be “red flags” for fraud and may order surveillance.

Jennifer Williams is a WSIB client who was tailed by a private investigator and cut off from benefits. By: Patty Winsa News reporter, Published on Mon Jun 16 2014

Jennifer Williams is sitting in the darkened board room of a legal clinic watching a video shot by private investigators as they follow her down the aisles of Honest Eds and up the stairs which, because of a fall at work, she takes slowly one by one using her cane.

Accessibility News June 14,2014 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc is a proud supporter of Accessibility News.

Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements. Consider having them check that any of your new web site content is compliant with an Accessibility Audit.

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In this Issue

Pollyanna’s Ontario Election Wrap-up

By Pollyanna, as told to Victor Schwartzman

FOURTH. From an access perspective, the election campaign was a smoking pile of crap. The results are a streaming mound of dung. We are not back to square one. We’d be lucky to be at square one. We have been pushed back decades.


AODA Alliance: Kicking Off the Next Phase in Our Accessibility Advocacy Efforts — What Premier Wynne Promised — What Opportunities Await us — What We Achieved in the 2014 Election Campaign — and — What’s Next!

Editors Note: AcNews does not share the AODA Alliances sentiments in congratulating this Government or any hope that things will magically change now that they have a majority, AcNews sincerely hopes it is wrong.

Let the broken promises begin!