NS: Halifax Cabbies Facing Heat Over Service Dogs

Ruth Davenport, Metro Halifax Published on January 21, 2014

[HALIFAX, NS] – HRM’s accessibility advisory committee is looking for new ways to crack down on taxi drivers who refuse to accept passengers with a service dog.


Ghotit Releases the First Android Writing & Reading Solution for People with Dyslexia

You’re on the road and suddenly you receive an urgent email that you must answer immediately. What do you do?

You take out your smartphone/tablet and write an answer. But what if you are dyslexic and must have a writing assistant to help produce clear and error-free text?


Industry Panel Discusses New Federal Rules Affecting Hiring & Recruitment of People with Disabilities

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Government contractors’ compliance with new federal affirmative action rules governing the hiring and recruitment of individuals with disabilities was the focus of a time sensitive industry panel discussion.


Helping Ontarians With Disabilities Live Independently

News Release
January 20, 2014

Ontario Expanding Program to Help More People Self-Manage Care

Ontario is helping more people with disabilities live independently in their homes.
The province is expanding the Direct Funding program, which enables people living with disabilities to manage their care based on their individual needs. The program also eases pressure on Community Care Access Centres and other community support providers, freeing them up for more medically complex cases.

AODA 2014: Nostradamus Stunning Predictions

By Victor Schwartzman

I now hope none of the above predictions turns out to be true, but does it take a genius seer to predict there will be no AODA progress in 2014?


Accessibility News January 18,2014 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc is a proud supporter of Accessibility News.

Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements. Consider having them check that any of your new web site content is compliant well before the new year deadline with an Accessibility Audit.

Visit www.inclusivemedia.ca to find out more.


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*Pickering Considers Calling for Vancouver-style Doorknob Ban
*Taxi Bylaw Change Will Ensure Service Dogs Can Ride
*Vanderbilt Study Reveals Senses of Sight and Sound Separated in Children With Autism
*Air Canada Apologizes After Soldier’s PTSD Service Dog Fee
*College President Offers Disability Advice
*Ebook for Visually Impaired Kids Coming Soon
*B.C. Budd Wants To Know: Where Will All The People Go (A Long Times Passing!)

Pickering Considers Calling for Vancouver-style Doorknob Ban

By: Alex Ballingall
News, Published on Fri Jan 17 2014

The citys accessibility committee is urging Pickering council to ask Ontario for a ban on wrist-twisting door openers.

Doorknobs, whether utilitarian or ornate like these antiques, are part of Ontario’s architectural legacy, argues one seller of doors. But accessibility advocates say levers are much easier for people with arthritis and other disabilities to maneuver and ought to be the preferred option in all new construction.

Taxi Bylaw Change Will Ensure Service Dogs Can Ride

CBC News Posted: Nov 27, 2013

The City of Regina is preparing to update its taxi bylaw to ensure passengers who use service dogs can take the animal with them in taxicabs.


Vanderbilt Study Reveals Senses of Sight and Sound Separated in Children With Autism

by Craig Boerner | Posted on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 ­ 4:00 PM

Like watching a foreign movie that was badly dubbed, children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have trouble integrating simultaneous information from their eyes and their ears, according to a Vanderbilt study published today in The Journal of Neuroscience.


Air Canada Apologizes After Soldier’s PTSD Service Dog Fee

WestJet allowed soldier’s service dog, Snoopy, to fly for free after Air Canada mishap

The Canadian Press Posted: Jan 14, 2014 5:52 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 14, 2014 9:44 AM ET Air Canada apologizes for service dog fee

An Alberta soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder says she’s disappointed Air Canada wouldn’t allow her dog on board a plane as a service animal.