Delivering Access Podcast, Episode 4 with Tom Dekker

This weeks hero is sure to empower you! The Fedora Outlier’s Delivering Access Podcast was created to highlight individuals, groups and communities in the ever growing blindness population who are changing life’s and making a difference in the world through their works, passion and their belief in change.


“Subsidized Transportation Program” not Accessible for People with Disabilities in County of Brant?

by Karen McCall

The winner of the four month, yes only 4 month, contract for specialized transportation service or Para transit in the County , approved by County Council at the July 23 Council meeting has no wheelchair accessible vehicles according to the company web site which can be viewed doing a simple Internet search. The information is not hidden.

“People using wheelchairs must transfer to a seat and the wheelchair will be stored as baggage.”


Accessibility Driving Mobile Technology MarketShare

Importantly, the third thing is that by its very definition, mobile technology allows persons with disabilities to connect and get services anytime, anywhere and in virtually any situation. And this is far superior to anything we have seen before and especially for those who have disabilities who are seeking greater independence. So those are the fundamental market forces behind it.


“Nostradamus Predicted AODA Delay”

By Victor Schwartzman

Minister Eric Hoskins called a special media conference to explain why a new
Independent AODA Review and other aspects of the legislation have not been implemented.


Accessibility News August 10,2013 Update

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Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements. Consider having them check that any of your new web site content is compliant well before the new year deadline with an Accessibility Audit.

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In this Issue

Watch A 30 Minute TV Interview on Progress under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act on Cable TV August 11 2013 and Re-Run Several Times over the Next Weeks

We encourage one and all to watch the 30-minute “Canada In Perspective” program entitled “Duty to Accommodate” airing on cable TV across Canada at 6 pm on august 11, 2013 on AMI-TV (Accessible Media). It deals with progress to date under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. One of the guests on the panel is AODA Alliance chair David Lepofsky. We hope you will find the exchanges between the panelists lively and interesting.


AODA Alliance Asks for a Meeting with the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council

The Government unjustifiably delayed for a half a year before appointing the new membership of ASAC this summer. In other words, for over half a year, Ontario had no ASAC, despite the fact that the AODA mandatorily requires that this Council must exist.


Woman Refuses to Leave Train Over Accessibility Issues

KINGSTON – A woman, who requires a power chair to get around, staged a sit-in Friday night, refusing to leave a Via Rail train until her complaints about accessibility issues were dealt with.


Does web accessibility really “place ruinous obligations on websites”? – analysis of Internet Association brief

“Applying the ADA to all Web sites may place uncertain, conflicting, burdensome, and possibly ruinous obligations on members of The Internet Association.”

This, according to ConsumerAffairs and Media Post News, is what a brief claims that was filed last week by the Internet Association, which represents Google, Amazon, Facebook, AOL and eBay, among others.


Consumer Advocates Unite to Kill CAPTCHA

Don’t you hate it when you are confronted with those distorted characters when you try to register on a website? They are generated by a technology called CAPTCHA, a contrived acronym for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’.