Newly Installed Hearing Aid Compatible Technology Makes Museum Visit More Enjoyable

When over 36-million Americans of all ages are experiencing hearing loss, it’s time for public spaces to take action and promote hearing accessibility. Bellevue Arts Museum, the Pacific Northwest’s center for the exploration of art, craft and design, in partnership with Let’s Loop Seattle, is one of the first public venues in Washington State to be doing just that.


McGuinty Government Proposes to Amend its 2011 Integrated Accessibility Regulation Without Following Important AODA Requirements for Amending Accessibility Standards

The Government is breaching its 2011 election promise not to reduce protections for people with disabilities.

The Government has not given the public a clear explanation of its proposed amendments to the IAR, needed for the public, including people with disabilities, to be able to give meaningful input to the Government on these proposals.


Report Says Ontario is Canada’s Worst Province in Social Indicators and Services

By: Gustavo Vieira, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Ontario sits in last place in Canada when it comes to every major social indicator, according to a report from a provincial coalition of labour and community organizations.

The Ontario Common Front released a report Wednesday putting Ontario at the bottom of the pack when it comes to funding and access to most public programs and services — from health care to education and justice to disability benefits.

Lost in Transition

There’s a funding shortfall for adults living with autism, says Alcona mother

The Alcona resident is the mother of 21-year-old Zach, who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Zach is an outgoing and friendly young man, and is just beginning the transition from high school to the rest of his life. Unfortunately, that new phase comes with some challenges.

Apps Begin to Give Blind Access to Touch Screens

“If an app developer can sell you an app for less than $20 that will tell you the price, description, ingredients and cooking instructions of any item in your supermarket, how can that same supermarket tell you they can’t come up with something that would tell you how much you’re being charged for it at checkout?” asks Simeone. “The ATM in your store talks; why can’t your point-of sale-device talk? If sighted people had no idea what they were being charged when they checked out, there would be outrage.”


Will Ontario’s Two September 6 2012 By-Elections Be Fully Accessible to All Voters With Disabilities?

In our letter to you dated May 23, 2012, we requested a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss this issue. To date, you have not answered that letter or otherwise agreed to meet. We believe that this is not appropriate service for voters with disabilities. Given Elections Ontario’s troubled track record with barriers to accessible voting, pointedly exemplified in the stunning instance of a physically inaccessible polling station in the heart of downtown Toronto in the February 10, 2010 Toronto Centre by-election, we believe that Elections Ontario should be more responsive.


Accessibility News August 25,2012 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc is a proud supporter of Accessibility News.

Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements.

Visit to find out more.


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*Please Raise Disability Accessibility Issues in Two September 6, 2012 Ontario By-Elections
*Group Pushes for Wheelchair Access to Patios
* CHRC Report Shows Significant Gaps in Equality of Opportunity for People With Disabilities in Canada
*Web TV Needs to Have Captions Starting Next Month, the FCC Rules
*A Participant in the Rapidly Expanding 21st Century
*County of Brant: Integrated Accessibility Standards for Transportation or “Who’s on First?”
*School for Blind Leads the Way in Distance Learning

Please Raise Disability Accessibility Issues in Two September 6, 2012 Ontario By-Elections

Despite some progress since 2005, Ontario now is clearly behind schedule in meeting that deadline of full accessibility by 2025. Many people with disabilities can describe barriers they still face when trying to get a job, buy products in stores, ride public transit, or enjoy other parts of Ontario life.


Group Pushes for Wheelchair Access to Patios

An advocacy group for people with disabilities is pushing to make Montreal’s patios more wheelchair accessible.

Linda Gauthier, president of the Regroupement Activistes Pour l’Inclusion Québec, or RAPLIQ, said Tuesday that most of Montreal’s restaurant and bar terrasses are still inaccessible to wheelchairs.


                CHRC Report Shows Significant Gaps in Equality of Opportunity for People With Disabilities in Canada

The report shows a different reality for people with disabilities in areas such as education, employment and economic well-being.