Does a Degree Matter Less if You’re in a Wheelchair?

We hear from employers that there will not be enough people with the “right” skills needed to fill the thousands of jobs that will be created as a result from the retirement of the baby boomer generation, or those leaving the workforce for a variety of reasons. We also hear about the tremendous need for temporary workers from outside Canada to fill positions that cannot be completed by Canadians. These problems are all real, however, there is a solution that is staring us straight in the face, but we continually ignore it because, well, that is what we have always done things.


Cyber Accessibility is the New Frontier for ADA Lawsuits

The more likely scenario for lack of website access which prevents potential guests from accessing your website to learn about your hotel’s offerings or to book a reservation online, is that your website was never designed to be accessible by persons who are blind or have low vision in the first instance.

Since the internet is a primary point of access to goods and services for many individuals, including the vision-impaired, it is hardly surprising that online accessibility has become a major focus for DOJ enforcement proceedings and private advocacy group lawsuits.


Government of Canada Accepts Federal Court Decision on Long-Term Disability Benefits for Veterans

“The men and women who serve and sacrifice in Canada’s name need to know that their Government will stand behind them and provide the benefits they need when their service is complete,” said Minister MacKay. “I am pleased to announce our government will discontinue the offset for Long Term Disability benefits.”


Will Manitoba Pass Disability Accessibility Legislation That is Strong and Effective?

The legislation must build on the strengths of accessibility-rights laws that are in place in other jurisdictions while not replicating their weaknesses. Established resources and tools from these jurisdictions should be used to support early and tangible progress in implementation. This will allow Manitoba to demonstrate early success without ‘reinventing the wheel’; build momentum by focusing effort on the development of new standards and demonstrate collaboration and leadership.


County of Brant Discriminates Against People with Disabilities

By Karen McCall

On June 1, 2012, the County of Brant is sending out letters telling the people with disabilities who live in the County that they will no longer have access to the specialized transportation service known as County Service due to “abuses” of the service.


Dyslexic Man, Learning-Disabled Wife Charged for Not Filing Census Form

OTTAWA – A dyslexic Pembroke man is outraged that he’s been charged under the federal census law for failing to fill out a form that he can’t read.

Eric Stone, 48, said he opened the door Thursday to an Ontario Provincial Police officer, who politely informed him he was being arrested for failing to fill out the 2011 short-form census.

His wife, Kerry O’Neill, who suffers from a serious learning disability, also was charged.

Eric Stone, 48, said he opened the door Thursday to an Ontario Provincial Police officer, who politely informed him he was being arrested for failing to fill out the 2011 short-form census.


Paralyzed to the Extent You Learn Your Assistive Technology

You don’t have to take our word for it, just stand outside of a assistive technology class and take a survey of the students and you’ll see for yourself that most all students are afraid of technology, afraid even more of assistive technology and this behavior is never properly identified or addressed at any point of the “training”. Fedora Outlier LLC WILL provide high quality teaching at a level that is unheard of in the market and produce a product that is BETTER THAN EXCELLENT!!! Don’t be paralyzed, be empowered!


MobilityPLUS Users to Get More Vans, Fare Choices

Disabled passengers must be offered the same fare options as all other transit users, according to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


Accessibility News May 26,2012 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc is a proud supporter of Accessibility News.

Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements.

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Website Audits: Is the CNIB Robbing You Blind?

By Geof Collis

Note: This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from Web Geeks Resources and in French by Kate Bondareva.

Last week I received a phone call from an Organization wanting to know how much I charge for doing Web Accessibility Audits, they were putting together a resource for others to use.

After discussing how much I charge and the methodology I use our conversation turned to the CNIB and the service they provide for doing the same thing.