Citizens With Disabilities Long for Independence

BEIRUT: In recent months, the ministries of health and social affairs have been renewing their calls to implement the disability rights law of 2000, which
is designed to improve the lives of those with disabilities.

But a simple trip with Rita Maalouf demonstrates how little of the law has made it off the paper and onto the street.


Volunteer Can’t Access Campus Building

The University and the AMS have halted the installment of a wheelchair lift due to funding constraints

Louise Bark hasn’t been able to return to her volunteer position at CFRC since April because the radio station’s office in the basement of Carruthers Hall
isn’t wheelchair accessible.


Edmonton Store Bans Girl’s Service Dog – Twice

An Edmonton woman is filing a human rights complaint after her autistic nine-year-old daughter and service dog were told to leave the west-end Winners for the second time in three months.

“I don’t believe that anybody should feel like a second class citizen in any place…and especially as a child,” said Alison Ainsworth.


Groups Aim to Alter Attitudes on Workplace Disability: Fit Notes, not Sick Notes?

TORONTO – Small organizations in Ontario and British Columbia are trying to change the mindset about health concerns in the workplace, and they’ve been looking to the United States and the United Kingdom for inspiration.

Their starting point of view is that work is healthy for an individual, and prolonged time off work on disability benefits when it’s not necessary can be
harmful, says Terry O’Hearn, chair of the Ontario Action Group to Prevent Work Disability.


Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS 13 Screen Reading Software

Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS 13 Screen Reading Software

Freedom Scientific today announced the release of JAWSR for Windows version 13, including Convenient OCR, a feature that performs Optical Character
Recognition on text that is displayed as an image, thereby enabling blind
computer users to read items that were previously inaccessible. Examples of
such screens include a PDF file, the setup screen of an application, or the menu of selections on a DVD.


Accessibility News October 22,2011 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc

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*Unlimited Free Parking, Anywhere, Anytime
*New Disability Regulations Ill-Considered
*A Wait on Wait Times
*Order hear: Culver’s Adds More Accessible Restaurant Drive-Thrus
*new Accessibility App for Disabled Travelers
*The Six D’s


Disability Awareness Consultants

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Unlimited Free Parking, Anywhere, Anytime

Due to this article portrayed the disabled as freeloaders, some in the disabled community have asked that it be removed.

New Disability Regulations Ill-Considered

It is not inconceivable to believe that this attitude could easily carry itself into the workplace, as people begin to treat a disabled customer like a valued customer, yet view them as a liability. Should such an attitude develop, it would be incredibly difficult to reverse.


A Wait on Wait Times

Hamilton’s disabled community will have an on-demand taxi service eventually. Right now, there is no clear picture on how that will look — and we won’t
find out for some time.


Order hear: Culver’s Adds More Accessible Restaurant Drive-Thrus

“Principally speaking, Ontario is the only province with this accessibility law in place (in Canada). It’s blazing a lot of trails and this Tim Hortons
franchisee is leading the way. The challenge is getting the word out about how this affects businesses for the better by generating new customers and retaining employees,” Segal said. “Compliance isn’t intimidating or over-legislative, but rather socially responsible and good for business.”