Why Does Society Hate the Blind so Much?

By Geof Collis

Surveys show that Americans and Canadians fear Blindness the most over other Disabilities. I wonder, is that because of the Disability or the way Society treats the Blind?


Manitoba Law Discriminatory

Disability rights advocates have repeatedly stressed that we must move toward acceptance of a social model of disability in explaining and challenging the poor labour market participation rates of people with disabilities.

In the social model, we place primary emphasis on how structural barriers make it difficult for people with disabilities to gain — and keep — employment.
These can range from physical barriers in the workplace that make it impossible for wheelchair users to use the washrooms to a lack of assistive technology that would permit a blind person to effectively use a computer.


Accessibility News August 20,2011 Update

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*The McGuinty Watch
*Some Voters Will Cast Ballot at Home
*Labour Leader Joins Injured Workers for Sit In
*Elections Canada Lobbies for Test of Online Voting
*Accessible Technology Increasingly a Requirement for Businesses
*Handicap Parking Rules Frustrate Residents
*Inclusivity Requires A Paradigm Shift
*Disabled Senior Left Without Wheelchair Funding
*Boy ‘Not Disabled Enough’ to Receive Tax Credit
*New Bus Standards Help Those With Disabilities
*Reservation System a Concern for Cobourg Wheels Services User

Some Voters Will Cast Ballot at Home

Voters who’ve had difficulty in the past getting to polling stations or returning offices due to disability will have a new voting option in October.

Elections Ontario will introduced home visits as a voting alternative for the Oct. 6 provincial election. By calling Elections Ontario or its local returning
office, electors who qualify can have a special ballot officer come to their home so they can cast their vote.

“I don’t like the idea of having someone come to your house and hold your hand. I just don’t find it very dignifying,” said Collis.


Labour Leader Joins Injured Workers for Sit In

Ryan occupies Hudak’s office. Peter Page, president of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers addresses those gathered for the protest at Tim Hudak’s offices in Beamsville.

The head of the Ontario Federation of Labour, joined injured workers from across the province, for a sit-in Wednesday at Ontario PC leader and Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak’s Beamsville office.

Elections Canada Lobbies for Test of Online Voting

Internet and social media prompt look at reforming election laws

The head of the agency in charge of federal elections says it’s time to modernize Canada’s elections, including testing online voting and ending a
ban on publishing early election results.


Accessible Technology Increasingly a Requirement for Businesses

Under the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act, private businesses operating in the province will have to meet new accessibility standards for customer service by the beginning of next year. Other standards
will follow over the next few years.

But the law, passed in 2005, really just adds specifics to a responsibility businesses across the country have had under human rights legislation for about a quarter century.


Handicap Parking Rules Frustrate Residents

By Kim Zarzour

Different rules. Michelle Zaldin and daughter Paige show the parking ticket they received for parking next to the Ohr Menachem Park in Thornhill, because they thought City of Vaughan disabled parking rules were the same as in the City of Toronto.

It’s tough enough going through life with a disability, and trying to find a parking spot when you’re not mobile is just one of many challenges.
That’s why Vaughan resident Michelle Zaldin, whose daughter has cerebral palsy, gets frustrated knowing just a few blocks to the south, in Toronto, she
can park her minivan just about any place.

Inclusivity Requires A Paradigm Shift

We have allowed special interest groups who are no doubt well-intentioned, to distort and fragment our understanding of the problem and where we often have a case where only those that shout loudest get their needs served.


Disabled Senior Left Without Wheelchair Funding

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun
First posted: Sunday, August 14, 2011 7:01:10 EDT PM

If my severely disabled uncle was an immigrant, he’d already be sitting in a shiny new wheelchair.

Instead, he sits in limbo — slumped over in obvious discomfort in a rickety old chair on a seat that should have been replaced years ago — wondering how
he’s going to come up with the thousands of dollars he’s expected to pay for a replacement.