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Students Living with a Disability are Falling Behind at University Due to Lack of Accessible, Flexible Study Options

In her first week this semester, Sophy Barlow couldn’t access two out of three of her university classes.

For two lessons that week, the ramp to the room was closed off, and there was no way for Ms Barlow to get into the room – so she missed class.


Winter Accessibility in Whitehorse Should Be Higher Priority, Say Advocates

The tires of Finn Beaulieu’s motorized wheelchair spin out.

It’s a common occurrence for the 24-year-old. He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that breaks down his muscles and gradually weakens his body.


Viral Clip of Airline Passenger’s Wheelchair Falling to Tarmac Will Be Investigated: Buttigieg

The clip, initially posted to TikTok and reuploaded elsewhere, shows a baggage handler for American Airlines pushing the wheelchair down a baggage chute. It slides down the track, slams into a gate meant to stop suitcases, flips over it and topples to the ground.


Chippewa Park Enhances Accessibility in Cabins Ahead of 2024 Season

Chippewa Park Campground has taken an essential step towards improving accessibility for wheelchair users.


Diving for All: A New Wave in Resort Accessibility

It’s never been easy for people with disabilities to learn to dive. But the tide is turning, and there’s a splash of good news: the UK boasts three dive resorts certified to offer adaptive services. But hey, why stop there?


Federal Government is Holding a Virtual Public Consultation on Regulations to Implement the Canada Disability Benefit but Still Hasn’t Proclaimed Bill C-22 in Force

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Ontario for All People with Disabilities Twitter: @aodaalliance YouTube:

November 30, 2023


The Federal Government is now holding a virtual or online public consultation on the Canada Disability Benefit. We set out the Governments announcement below. We encourage interested people to take part in this consultation. Visit the Federal Governments online public consultation page.

We are very troubled that over five months after Bill C-22 was passed by Parliament and given Royal Assent, the Federal Government has still not proclaimed this bill in force. We still dont know:

Today Is the Grass Roots Non-Partisan Ontario Disability Accessibility Movement’s 29th Birthday!

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Ontario for All People with Disabilities Twitter: @aodaalliance YouTube:

November 29, 2023


Twenty-nine years ago today, a group of some 20 people with disabilities spontaneously gathered in a meeting room at Queen’s Park, angry and feeling driven to do something dramatic. That day, they created a new and enduring grassroots non-partisan movement to campaign for strong accessibility legislation in Ontario. We had no idea what we were starting. Our movement remains in full force almost three decades later.

We have a lot to show for our efforts but a lot more that we need to accomplish. Remember–or learn for the first time–about how it all got started and reflect on where we need to go.

Accessibility News November 25,2023 Update

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This High-Tech Shirt Helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patrons Feel Music

Chicago’s Lyric Opera is aiming to make its performances more accessible via the SoundShirt, a garment that vibrates to match the music.


Jury Orders Amazon To Pay Ex-Employee With Asperger’s $1.2 Million

Co-workers called him “retard,” “a waste of life,” and one person asked why he was working there “if you can’t do the job?” according to a lawsuit filed in court.



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