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Shared E-scooters Will Make Ottawa’s Streets and Sidewalks More Dangerous

Recently, Ottawa Council passed a motion to allow and expand the use of e-scooters on our streets in the downtown and some suburbs, putting blind people, other persons with disabilities and all pedestrians at risk. Despite the very real safety concerns raised by various groups, council did not even require the e-scooter companies to implement measures to lessen the risks.


Mental Illness is Another Pandemic in the Making

Cachelle Colquhoun, mother of four from Collingwood, Ont., is frustrated with the state of mental-health supports available to her children.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Colquhoun has struggled to meet the needs of her nine-year-old with general anxiety disorder and attention deficit disorder and her six-year-old who has challenges with neurodiversity, including sensory disorder.


Virtual events open up the world

Technology plays catch up as events head online, making them more accessible to people with disabilities.


Accessibility News April 10,2021 Update

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Ontario Human Rights Commission Again Commendably Raises Human Rights Concerns with Ontario’s Critical Care Triage Plans, While the Ontario College of Physicians And surgeons Appears to Wrongly — Green Light Those Plans The AODA Alliance Responds!

Things are moving fast on the terrifying critical care triage front. The AODA Alliance and the disability organizations with whom we are collaborating are trying to stay ahead of a potential tidal wave facing us all.


Danger of Disability Discrimination in Access to Life-Saving Critical Medical Care Grows as Overloaded Ontario Hospitals Near the Breaking Point

One year ago today, in an open letter to Premier Ford, over 200 community organizations first sounded the alarm that patients with disabilities will suffer disability discrimination if critical care is rationed under the Ford Government’s earlier secret triage protocol. One year later, Ford still hasn’t remove disability discrimination from the subsequent, revised January 13, 2021 critical care triage protocol that was sent to all hospitals.


Ontario is Prioritizing Dining Over the Disabled with Its Vaccination Policy

If the pandemic has proved anything to disabled folks, it’s that able-bodied people value being able to drink on a patio over their lives. The Ontario government’s decision to vaccinate restaurant workers in Phase 2 only perpetuates this ableist system.


HBO Max Rolls Out Audio Described Content

WarnerMedia has pledged to increase the accessibility of HBO Max, and in the first phase of delivering on that promise, the streaming platform will roll out major enhancements this week, including:


Federal Appeals Court: Civil Rights Claims Against Uber Must Be Heard in Court

The plaintiffs are people with disabilities who cannot use Uber’s on-demand transportation service in Pittsburgh because there are no wheelchair accessible vehicles available through Uber’s app.



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