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Mobility Devices and Air Travel Forum

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) will host an international forum on June 12-13, 2018, in Toronto, in order to address issues related to the storage and transportation of mobility aids on aircraft.


Saskatoon Woman Demands Change for Provincial Wheelchair Accessibility

A woman in a wheelchair in Saskatoon is demanding change for wheelchair accessibility in the city and across the province.

For Debbie Windsor, getting around isn’t easy. She’s been in a wheelchair since she was four-years-old and has a rare condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta.


Downtown Accessibility Ramp Project Kicks Off

A project to install free accessibility ramps at downtown business entrances kicked off Wednesday at Dr. Cobbler Shoes and Swirls. Project working group member Christine Farrell, left, proposed implementing the StopGap Foundation project in the city. Shopkeepers Ron and Camille Cole, centre, are joined by working group members Andy Underwood in his wheelchair, and behind them, Fraser Lines and Jim McManaman.


Lyft Sued for Discriminating Against Wheelchair-Users

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) filed a major class action lawsuit against Lyft, challenging the popular ride-sharing service’s failure to make wheelchair-accessible vehicles available in the Bay Area through its rideshare service.

The suit, brought by a coalition of a disability rights group and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the first legal challenge to Lyft’s wheelchair-inaccessibility on its home turf. The plaintiffsIndependent Living Resource Center of San Francisco and two individuals who use wheelchairs brought this action to end Lyft’s discriminatory practices and policies.


HealthHack 2018 Winner Aims for Better Accessibility in Edmonton

Navigating Edmonton in a wheelchair takes a lot of force, according to the Click N’ Push application

The winner of this year’s HealthHack Smart Cities Challenge is aiming to make Edmonton more accessible to those who use wheelchairs.


Are Autonomous Vehicles Ready to Help the Blind?

New research conducted outside of the auto industry aims to develop data and software to ensure that the needs of the blind are met when autonomous cars become commonplace.


Calgary, Edmonton Expos Less Accessible After Policy Change, Say Fans With Mobility Concerns

Some visitors to the Calgary and Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expos are disappointed with what they say are “unfair” changes to the fan conventions’ accessibility policies.

The changes came after the expos joined the North American pop culture exhibition group Fan Expo HQ.


This Marathoner Defies the Odds

Despite doctor’s orders, Toronto-born runner has 10 races to his name

Most marathoners take 35,000 steps to reach the finish line. John Young needs 80,000.


U.S. Sues New York City Subway Operator Over Disabled Access

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Tuesday sued the agencies that run New York City’s subway, claiming they failed to make a Bronx station accessible to disabled people despite an expensive renovation.


Record Snow Creates ‘Nightmare’ for People With Accessibility Issues, Says Advocate Urging Better Clearing

Accessibility advocate Darby Lee Young says snow clearing this year had led to some people with mobility issues being stuck in their homes.

A Calgary accessibility advocate says there are people with mobility challenges across the city who are suffering due to the city’s current level of snow clearing, and there are some real consequences.

“It leads to depression. It really hurts an individual’s self-esteem,” Darby Lee Young told the Calgary Eyeopener Monday, of people who find themselves housebound due to record snowfall this winter.