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Please Write to the City of Toronto to Support the AODA Alliance’s New, Comprehensive Brief on Why Toronto Should Not Lift the Ban on Electric Scooters

The AODA Alliance has just submitted a comprehensive brief to the City of Toronto showing why it must not lift the ban on electric scooters (e-scooters). This brief, set out below, brings together and supplements all the work we have done on this e-scooters issue over the past 19 months. We set the brief out below.


One Year After the First Secret Ontario Critical Care Triage Protocol Was Sent to Ontario Hospitals, the Threat of Critical Care Discrimination Against Some Patients with Disabilities Remains A Live Worry

It was one year ago yesterday that the Ford Government secretly sent Ontario hospitals a deeply-flawed critical care triage protocol, directing how hospitals should decide who will be refused life-saving critical care if hospitals get overloaded by the COVID-19pandemic. It was one year ago next week that the disability community learned of this, and made public the fact that the Government’s critical care triage protocol discriminates against some patients with disabilities.


Ontario COVID-19 Surge Could Force Doctors to Use Online Calculator to Make Life-and-Death Decisions

If COVID-19’s surging third wave overwhelms Ontario’s hospitals, doctors could soon be using an emergency triage protocol that includes an online calculator to help decide who gets lifesaving care and who does not.


Mask Exemptions Must Be Respected, Disability Advocates Say

Failure to allow exemptions under mandatory mask order constitutes human rights discrimination, city’s accessibility committee says.


Providing Closed Captioning on Council Meetings too Costly, Suggests Town Staff

“I think it’s a fabulous thing to add for people, but we aren’t willing to do this because of the cost?”


Path Forward Should Be Barrier-Free: Strides in Accessibility a Community Effort

Though barriers still exist, advocates have pushed accessibility to the forefront of conversations and policies to create change. Collingwood installed an accessible dock and boat launch, allowing barrier-free access to competitive and recreational boating activities on Georgian Bay.

It has taken a collective effort to bring about local changes.


Government of Canada Helps Employers Create Accessible and Inclusive Workplaces for Employees With Disabilities

One way to strengthen Canada’s workforce and economic recovery is to address the challenges experienced by persons with disabilities in securing gainful employment.


Disabled Canadians Face Uphill Struggle for Regular Care as COVID-19 Drains Resources

There’s a lot Heather Morgan has figured out on her own to ensure her family’s well-being. She spends 10 to 30 hours a week as a caregiver for her Ontario-based family of four, helping manage their multiple disabilities in addition to looking after her own health.


Age Discriminatory Policies in Ontario Stroke Treatment!

Note: The below letter was authorized by Jim McEwen

Ontario Human Rights Commission:

In 2015 at age 60 I filed a complaint of age discrimination against the Ontario government over their decision to deny me more stroke treatment on the basis of age. My complaint was heard before the Human Rights TribunalOntario(HRTO) in 2016.

After my session of Mediation the Wynne Government still refused to eliminate these age discrimatory policies against young adult stroke survivors in Ontario.

It is interesting to note that the Wynne Government approved Motions and bills in the Ontario Legislature to eliminate these age discrimatory policies during its tenure and then refused to take action.

People With Disabilities Say This AI Tool Is Making the Web Worse for Them

AccessiBe aims to make the internet fully accessible to the visually impaired by 2025-but activists say the company’s AI is making things worse.