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Updating the Information and Communications Standards

However, attendees at Onley’s public meetings state that the standards’ website requirements are out of date. The standards will require public-sector organizations, and large private-sector organizations, to make their web content accessible by January 2021. Organizations must do so by complying with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), level AA. However, version 2.0 of these guidelines was created in 2008. As a result, this version of the guidelines does not help make modern technology, such as phone apps, accessible.


Trails, Accessibility and Maintenance Get Top Billing in Hamilton County’s Proposed Parks Master Plan

While specifics about projects, costs and a time frame were not shared at the meeting, the four commissioners present seemed to latch onto the priorities outlined, specifically accessibility.


AODA Alliance’s Toronto Star Guest Column Honours the Memory of the Late Senator David Smith, An Important Hero in the Campaign for Accessibility for People with Disabilities – And Other News

Toronto Star Runs A Guest Column by AODA Alliance Chair on the Legacy for Canadians with Disabilities Left by the Late Senator David Smith


The QP Briefing Podcast: Welcoming David Lepofsky

David Lepofsky, chair of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance, joins the QP Briefing podcast this week to discuss accessibility issues in the province.


The Ford Government Claims to Be Leading Ontario By Its Example on Achieving Accessibility for 2.6 Million Ontarians with Disabilities, But a Closer Look Shows That It Is Leading By a Poor Example

Last Friday, February 28, 2020, at a media event to which the AODA Alliance was not invited, the Ford Government made an announcement, set out below, unveiling how it says it is leading Ontario by example to achieve accessibility for 2.6 million Ontarians with disabilities-
people who face far too many barriers on a daily basis when they try to get a job, ride public transit, shop, or use public services. Yet a closer look shows that the example by which the Ford Government says it is leading is a very poor one. It lacks key ingredients that Ontarians with disabilities need.


Awareness of Every-Day Accessibility in Ontario

In the third review of the AODA, the Honourable David Onley recommends needed improvements to the Act. One of these improvements is the need to help Ontarians become more mindful of accessibility. During public meetings Onley held while preparing his review, attendees stated that the AODA alone cannot make Ontario accessible. Instead, people and organizations must understand that accommodating people with disabilities is an every-day part of serving the public.


After a Stroke at 27, He’s Ready to Get Out of Hospital. Amid a Housing Crunch, He Can’t Leave

Patrick Kunkel’s family struggling to find affordable, accessible housing in Toronto


What Must Be Done to Make Ontario’s Health Care System Fully Accessible to Patients with Disabilities? Check Out the AODA Alliance’s Finalized Framework for the Promised Health Care Accessibility Standard

Here we unveil our most thorough and comprehensive brief on this topic. Below please find the AODA Alliance’s finalized Framework on what the Health Care Accessibility Standard should include.


Judge Finds NYPD Liable, Must Provide People with Disabilities Access to Police Stations

Ruling affirms and holds NYPD accountable for broad inaccessibility of police precinct stations

Police department must include disability community as it works to eliminate barriers


Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca Only Makes Four of the Ten Full Commitments on Accessibility for 2.6 Million Ontarians with Disabilities that the AODA Alliance Seeks, and Gives Weaker Commitments on the Other Six Issues

We Analyze Del Duca’s Responses Compared to Leadership Candidate Michael Coteau Who Made All Ten Commitments We Seek