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Phones Still Aren’t Quite Right for People With Disabilities

Mobile phones are increasingly more accessible for people with disabilities, but there are still some significant gaps in service, according to a new study.


What is the Customer Service Standard?

The customer service standard under the AODA outlines requirements for service providers to make their goods, services, and facilities accessible for customers or patrons with disabilities.

The Customer Service Standard mandates that service providers must find ways to break down barriers that prevent customers with disabilities from accessing the services they need. Barriers may be due to:


Paralympic Medalists Check Accessibility of 2020 Tokyo Games Venue Area

TOKYO — Paralympic medalists have inspected parts of the capital’s Koto Ward, host to two Tokyo 2020 swimming venues, to see if the area meets the growing demand for easier access for people with disabilities.


Accessible Public Spaces in Ontario

Under the Design of Public Spaces Standard of the AODA, organizations must make new and redeveloped public spaces accessible. Accessible public spaces include: Outdoor paths… Read more at

Qualtrough Named Person of the Year by Canadian Council of the Blind

The Canadian Council of the Blind has awarded Delta MP Carla Qualtrough with its CCB Person of the Year.

Qualtrough, the federal minister of public services and procurement and accessibility, received the award at a special presentation Feb. 6 in Ottawa.


Calgary Building Receives $72,000 Toward Accessibility Renovations

“The idea of creating initiatives that remove barriers for people with disabilities is really the idea of making our country better and more equal,” said Qualtrough.

She adds Canada can’t succeed as a country unless we give everyone an equal opportunity, and we can’t achieve this if 20 per cent of the population is excluded.


Opinion: Canada’s Pending Accessibility Law Comes Off As the Liberals Just Fulfilling An Election Promise

We are getting sunny words about equal participation, opportunity and dignity, written around legislation that is too broad to actually achieve it.

Canada is finally on the verge of passing federal disability legislation. So why aren’t I, a disabled woman, celebrating?


Now that The Ford Government Received David Onley’s Independent Review Report on the AODA, the AODA Alliance Has Called on Accessibility Minister Raymond Cho to Immediately Lift the Government’s Freeze on the Work of the Health Care and Education Standards Development Committees

The Ford Government’s Stated Reason for Maintaining its Freeze on the Work of Ontario’s Education and Health Care Standards Development Committees has now Vanished It’s Time for the Government to Lift that Freeze


Make Waterloo Region’s Roundabouts Safer for Blind Pedestrians

For all the people with 20-20 vision who find it challenging to navigate one of Waterloo Region’s roundabouts, just imagine what it’s like for a pedestrian who’s blind.

If you think it’s hard to weave your car into those seemingly endless lines of swirling vehicles or walk across a busy traffic circle, think how daunting, even terrifying, a task it is for someone who can’t see and is trying to do it alone, on foot.


Canada’s Senate To Debate Bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act – Here’s Our Strategy to Strengthen this Weak Bill

Last fall, Canada’s House of Commons passed Bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act. It is now headed for debate in Canada’s Senate. We want to bring you up to date on what’s going on, and what to expect in the weeks ahead.