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Bill C-49 Empowers Goliath and Takes Away David?s Sling Shot

Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act, will make some aspects of Canada’s federally regulated transportation system more inaccessible than it already is for people with disabilities.

Travelers with disabilities routinely encounter accessibility barriers, such as damaged or delayed mobility equipment, kiosks without audio output to make them accessible to blind travelers.


Accessibility Advisory Committee is seeking new members

Brockville The Leeds and Grenville Accessibility Advisory Committee is seeking new members. The Counties is required under the Provincial Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 to have a committee if its population is over 10,000.
The membership includes community volunteers and members of Counties Council, including the Warden. The Committee, which meets four times a year, assists Counties Council with changes that will make the Counties more accessible to people with disabilities.


City Pays $25K Fine for Not Calling Out OC Transpo Bus Stops

Fine comes after CBC Ottawa report of riders flagging problems with automated call system


AODA Alliance Writes New Ontario Conservative Leader Doug Ford to Request a Meeting to Brief Him and His Team on Pressing Disability Accessibility Issues in Ontario

On March 12, 2018, the AODA Alliance wrote the new leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and Leader of the Official Opposition, Doug Ford. He won this leadership position this past weekend. We set out this letter below.


Petition Calls on Upper Canada Mall to Get Disabled Off Washroom Floor

Derek Bunn and Tyler Barker have made it their mission to get children, adults and seniors living with a severe disability off public washroom floors.

Bunn, a special-education teacher from Sutton, often takes his students on field trips to Newmarket’s Upper Canada Mall. The outings help the students gain valuable life skills such as working with a budget, shopping, social skills and more.


Fake Service Dogs a Menace for Legitimate Owners, Businesses Alike

Pet owners are turning to the internet to buy fake harnesses, vests and even documents so they can pass off their dogs as service animals.

People who rely on service dogs to help them navigate through life are facing some unwanted competition frauds who dress their pets up as working animals so they can take advantage of some of the special services available to people with disabilities.


The Toronto Star Reports on Objections from the Disability Community to the Wynne Government’s Appointing Its Former Accessibility Special Advisor to Conduct the Next Independent Review of the Government’s Implementation and Enforcement of Ontario’s Accessibility Law

Government Defence of Its Action Doesn’t Stand Up Under Scrutiny


Olympic Bid an Opportunity to Improve Accessibility

On the eve of the opening ceremonies for the Paralympic Games in South Korea and ongoing discussions at home about hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics, accessibility remains an issue for many in this community.

Just ask Robin Slater, who has been advocating for years to make the community more accessible for people with cognitive, mental and physical disabilities.


Advocates Question Independence of Provincial Accessibility Review

Former lieutenant-governor David Onley defends his appointment to lead review of landmark legislation.

Accessibility activist and lawyer David Lepofsky, who is blind, says the independent reviewer of Ontario’s accessibility law should not have recent ties to the government.


At Odds Over Parking Proposal

A local advisory group on parking issues isn’t completely on board with a proposal that would allow people with accessible parking permits to use regular parking spots without having to feed the meter.