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Watch the Captioned May 27, 2020 Online Fireside Chat with AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofsky and Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner on the Impact of COVID-19 on Ontarians with Disabilities

Tell Us What Barriers Students with Disabilities Face in Colleges and Universities


Malhotra and Johnson: People With Disabilities Must Not Be Forgotten Once the Lockdown Lifts

As municipalities ponder creative ways to open up after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown and revitalize the battered economy, it is imperative city planning incorporate the needs and perspectives of people with disabilities.


Why Do Provinces Often Confiscate Federal Benefits From People Who Clearly Need Them?

Amanda Demerse lost her part-time job as a rink attendant with the City of North Bay in March when the municipality closed recreation facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What happened next, amid a global health emergency, is an example of what goes on every day for vulnerable people living on the fault lines of creaking federal and provincial income support systems, social policy experts say.


Internet, Social Media Open Doors of Accessibility for Those With DeafBlindness

Originally Posted May 21, 2020
By: NewmarketToday Staff

During a time when we are physically separated from family, friends, and our peers, technology helps to bridge the gap and encourage social connection from afar.

Although checking social media platforms, browsing the internet, and navigating video and audio streaming services are considered normal interactions, they also open doors of accessibility for others.

For Steven, a man with deafblindness, Facebook and email connect him with the outside world. “I communicate online because I like to talk to people” it is faster and easier [for me] to communicate.”

Deafblindness, a combined loss of hearing and vision, impacts access to information, communication, and mobility. Born with Rubella, also known as the German measles, Steven is profoundly deaf and blind in his left eye. He is legally blind in his right.

Accessibility News May 23,2020 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 4 years, 31 weeks, 6 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the AODA Alliance Again Writes Ontario’s Education Minister and TVO’s Vice President to Try to Get the Urgent Learning Needs of Students with Disabilities Met

In our continuing campaign to get the Ford Government to address the urgent needs of a third of a million vulnerable students with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis, the AODA Alliance today wrote two important letters, set out below. These are especially timely, because today is the internationally recognized Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).


UN Highlights the Unique Challenges Faced By Disabled Injured Workers During COVID-19

“Imagine coming home from work at a hospital, grocery store, or care home with Coronavirus and, on top of knowing you’re gravely ill and you’ve put your family in serious danger, you need to engage in a battle with the compensation board to prove where you got this illness.”


United Nations Urged to Lead Action to End Discrimination Against People With Disabilities in the Response to COVID-19

Lack of concerted action from governments and health authorities is putting the lives of people with disabilities at greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC).


Ford Government Acknowledges Ontario Students with Disabilities Face Added Hardships Trying to learn at Home During COVID-19 But Announces No Comprehensive Plan to Remove the Added Disability Barriers that Online Learning Creates for Them

Today, as the first media question at Premier Doug Ford’s Queen’s Park COVID-19 briefing, the Toronto Star told the premier that parents of special needs children have told the Star that they are particularly struggling at this time and that the Government needs to take a leading role in making sure that their children are being served during the school shutdown. Since schools are now closed until the end of the school year, the Star asked what the Government is doing to help these families and to ensure that school boards are meeting these students’ needs.


Bond Head Residents Frustrated with Dilapidated Sidewalks

While Bond Head resident Dave Morton is glad to see the town taking action to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the downtown core, he is left wondering why, after years of complaints and letters to council, the rough-looking sidewalks in Bond Head have never been replaced.

In a letter to Mayor Rob Keffer and Coun. Ron Orr earlier this week, he attached three photos of the dilapidated sidewalks in Bond Head, and asked why they were not included in the town’s Road Safety and AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) audit, which was presented at the May 19 council meeting.