Invisible Disability Accommodations

2007-07-03 13:21

I wrote a post a while ago titled Stop and think: invisible access for invisible disabilities. It was a personal narrative of some of my experience with chronic fatigue syndrome. In it I mentioned a couple of accessibility problems that I had encountered repeatedly. So I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about some accommodations for people with all sorts of invisible disabilities.

The overriding principle here is: Anyone you encounter may have an invisible disability. They may not wish to disclose and explain that disability to every single person they meet; sometimes, getting out of the house is hard enough, and it's too exhausting to contemplate spending another and yet another five minutes explaining and defending their (often quite simple) needs. In addition, they have a right to medical privacy. You can do your bit to make their difficult lives a little easier by considering invisible disability access in the various aspects of your life.

This is in no way an exhaustive list. Many items are based on my own experience, or that of others in the forums I frequent. Add your own!





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