Dana Douglas Issues Urgent Recall Notice - Please Forward!

Dear Community Members,

If you or someone you know is using a Nexus 1, 2 or 3 Rollator Walker (manufactured prior to Oct. 2008) then you need to know that Dana Douglas has issued an urgent recall for these walkers as there have been reports of the frames breaking which have led to injuries of users.

According to the Dana Douglas site this recall only affects users who weigh over 187lbs which I personally find outrages! If your walker is one of the ones on the recall list I urge you not to allow your weight to be the determining factor as to whether or not you have the problem corrected. If you purchased your walker through a vender you will need to contact that vender.

Remember there is a “lifetime” warrantee on frames of walkers for original owners!

To find out more or to find out if you walker is one of the ones on the list, please follow this link http://www.danadouglas.com/notifications.htm.

Please note if you know of anyone who may have purchased a 2nd hand Nexus walker at STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus please ask them to contact STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus immediately as volunteers are now trying to go through files by hand to find these users.

Thank you and have a good day!

Catherine Gardner
Community Advocate,
Cans for Pets Recycling Program www.cansforpets.ca
Freelance Photojournalist,

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